How to Understand a Dog’s Temperament

Like a human, any puppy has its personality to check on at the age of 8 weeks. You need to know the way to give your dog a test, finding out what type of “person” he might be. This process will help you treat your dog better by actually living with him like a friend. Additionally, it can

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Basic knowledge

  1. Age affects

A dog won’t fully arouse his brain until the period of 12 weeks. If you are going to test an 8-week-old dog, pay more attention. Do a temperament test when your dog is active, so you will have a few hours observing it; avoid testing when he falls asleep or being very tired.

  1. Breeds matters

The different breed can influence the test result. Small puppies are more reactive to noises in the environment(and they quickly get scared when you bent down), while a retriever dog tends to interact with its owner. Breed influence also happens when they are doing the same movement, screwing the result.

How to conduct the personality test

Checking your puppies’ personalities by imposing some gentle gestures. A proper assessment will hold around interaction, socialization, and size of comfort zone–how they will react to sudden noises, light, or human touch. These characters reflect how well you two match with each other.

  1. A gentle cradle

A dog can relax in your arms, or it can kick you as hard as he can. In the latter case, the recommendation is to choose another dog if you have kids. Children are naughty with animals, leading to fatal damage to dogs. After you put the puppy down, assess how quickly it returns to you, then compare their behavior with your expectations.

  1. Call him back

After throwing out a treat or a toy, how fast does he return to you? Do you need to coax or yell at him? You can replace the test with the following: sit comfortably in a chair and let your dog settle between your legs. Dogs confess hostility when they nip and bark, while they indicate friendship by showing the feeling of relaxation and joy.

Possible results

Sometimes the personality of a dog is rather apparent. An active puppy never allows silence under your roof, except for the situation when he is asleep. Owners love those intellect-type dogs as training is easy to conduct, and there are often ideal results as it is easy to socialize with these creatures. Shy babies are fearful of noise while they adore your cradles and support. To fully explain your observing result, you can refer to the following specific examples.

  1. A rebel hero

These puppies seek fun, and they think quickly to engage in activities. Besides, they regard toys as their bullying brothers. However, when they meet with dogs with stronger muscles, they choose to remain silent smartly. Sometimes they are too headstrong to complete a pursuit such as leaving stools in a banned corner.

  1. A thoughtful wiser

With a smart brain, dogs belonging to this category are good at interacting with people. They are so accustomed to human companionship that they know well how to entertain their tired and stressed human friends.

In other cases, they can also be stoic and contained. When they are in a group of canine members, they are willing to teach their companions after full consideration. With an old soul, they suit perfectly with owners who give enough respect to individuals.

  1. A perfect entertainer

Compared to the wiser, these dogs have much more potential to train as they are eager to please humans. Unwilling to suffer from loneliness, they are always interested in your instructions. With this pleasing temperament, they can behave appropriately with your polite-oriented training.

  1. A lovely sweetie

Puppies with docile nature worth a tender hug. Although being passive, they are eager to be in your arms. They like to use their mother as a shield when staying at the litterbox. However, if you want rigorous training that develops a soldier’s morale, this baby doesn’t suit you.

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