The Top 9 High Protein Food For Fitness

It’s no exaggeration to say that protein is the base for all lives, the hair, the skin, the muscle, the organ, etc are made of protein. The cells inside the body never stop metabolism, which needs protein to support. The following are recognized as the top 9 high-protein food by fitness circles. Next time you’re at the supermarket make sure you stock up on these staples.

Beef jerky

Beef jerky is not only a staple food, but also a snack. Besides rich creation and zinc, there are 40g proteins each 100g of beef. Beef is the best food to build muscles, with little calories and good taste.

Chicken breast

The chicken breast tender, nutrient-rich, calories-low. There are 25g protein per 100g of chicken breast, which could meet the most of protein needs each day. It’s easy to be absorbed by the human body.


If the beef’s cost is far from your budget, why not try fish that is one of the best choices. For example, each 100g trout or gadus contains 20g proteins. Compared to beef, the fish don’t have zinc or creatine although, the fish must be a protein resource at a cheap price.


Cheese is often disregarded by many people. But each 100g cheese even have 26~36g proteins. It’s an excellent resource of protein and is rich in vitamin D and zinc. However, we advise to have it on breakfast cause its’ high calories.


If you’re a super muscle man, nuts are very essential because they are rich in protein(20~25g protein per 100g nuts). And it also has lots of unsaturated fat to maintain a healthy angiocarpy. The disadvantage is that almond is more expensive in some places if we want to take in for the long term.

Kernel pumpkin seed

If you can’t bear the cost of almond, kernel pumpkin seed is also a good choice to supplement protein. 100g kernel pumpkin seeds can provide 19~25g proteins. In addition, it has many antioxidants to strengthen the immune.


Vegetables are very necessary for fitness, of which the soy is the most common. There are 10~14g proteins per 100g soy. It has lots of amino acids that are important to the human body. Remember to add some soy to your daily menu.

Boiled egg

Attention please! What we are saying is boiled eggs, not pan-fried eggs, or raw eggs. According to the absorption rate, the boiled egg is 100%, the fried egg is 97%. In conclusion, a boiled egg is the best way to keep it’s original nutrient. Almost all the gym members like boiled eggs cause its convenient to cook and there are 6~7g proteins each egg. But it seems not advisable to give up the yelk. The yelk has antioxidant, vitamin B12, vitamin A, Fe, choline, etc. Especially the choline, it can prompt the brain function and detox the body.


Finally, we’ll introduce one Chinese food: Tofu. The tofu comes from the curd soy, which is similar to the production of cheese. Tofu is rich in Fe, Mg, and K. Usually, the tenderer the Tofu, the less protein it contains. Such as 100g dried Tofu could have 15g protein, but the normal Tofu only has 6~8g protein.

For the ordinary person, keep a balanced diet to supplement enough protein, never eat an incomplete meal. For the gym person, make a scientific meal plan with kinds of proteins to strengthen your muscles and build a nice body shape.




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