How to Build Your Own Workout Routine?

Many friends have a dream to own a charming figure after going to the gym. So they become a VIP in the fitness room again and again. However, the dream is broken again and again because they don’t build their own workout routine firstly according to their own conditions. Some of them try to pursue strength and speed at the beginning, which leads to that they get more and more stress. A series of problems arise finally, for example:

  • For a while, I loved running very much and tried more mileages without enough rest every time. Then my keen was damaged. why did that happen?
  • During the courses, the coach arranged lots of training in order to reduce fat more quickly. Then I stopped until one month later cause I can’t bear them.

So it’s very important to make your own workout routine!


Know your physical fitness

The following are the index to clarify your own physical fitness

  • muscular strength

Muscular strength can be tested via a movement.

For example, one can do a standard push-up, but the others have to finish it relying on a kneeling position. That means the muscular strength of the former is bigger.

  • Explosive power

Explosive power means muscle power.

For example, the one who can do pull-up more quickly has bigger explosive power.

  • Muscular endurance

Muscular endurance means the time to keep a same movement.

Deep squat on the wall, for example, the longer time he can stay, the stronger his muscular endurance is.

  • Cardiovascular endurance

It shows the ability to provide oxygen for the muscles during the long-time exercise.

  • Speed

At a time, the one who can do more movements has quicker speed.

  • Coordination
  • Ability to balance the body
  • Flexibility

Make your target clear

Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to bulk up or build muscle?

Whatever your goals are, it’s good to write them down and be aware if what you’re trying to accomplish. These goals will shape how you make your own workout routine.

1. The content of the workout routine

  • Aerobic exercise

One of the methods to improve the cardiovascular endurance is to do aerobic exercise. Many people prefer it when they decide to lose weight. Jogging is the most common aerobic exercise. However, some people who just starting out plans to run 10km at first. Come on, guys. When you can finish 1km, then you can consider the 10km plan. Do remember to adjust the methods and amount of exercise according to your own physical condition.

  • Anaerobic exercise

The key point for anaerobic exercise is to make sure you have done these movements correctly, not how many movements or sets you have done. Correct movements can help to stimulate the muscles to achieve a better training result.

2. Exercise in different stages

The plan should be different between the stages, which can improve the physiological status, mental status, and the quality of exercise. And we need to follow periodic methods to adjust the workout routine.

  • At the first stage, the exerciser should choose the movements that can train the total body and joints. BOSU ball squat is highly recommended at this stage.
  • At the second stage, the exerciser can choose some muti-joint and single-joint strength training. This will help to increase the strength more quickly.
  • At the third stage, we advise to do total-body and muti-joint movements, but with a explosive way.

In conclusion

Start your workout routine from least to greatest and adjust your workout routine with flexibly.



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