All You Need to Know about Your Dog’s health

When Your Dog is Choking

The dog is a curious animal. Following the habit of investigating with their noses, they explore the world with their mouths. Therefore, they are victims of choking by anything suitable to the trachea.

Signals are obvious. Like a human, a choking dog looks panicked when he is trying to paw at the mouth and retch while making no noise.

  • Large dog

Place your arms around his body. Find the end place of the sternum, and make a fist and use your thumb to push against your dog’s stomach. Use the other hand to push forward forcefully on his shoulder. Repeat this motion three to five times. If your dog is unconscious, open his mouth and clear the throat quickly, then do the rescue breathing and call the vets when necessary.

  • Small dog

Now that you can hold the dog’s head up to keep his spine close to your chest. Use the same method as the large dog to push toward his abdomen until he makes noise. Remember to check if the debris remains in his airway. Likely, perform rescue breathing if he pretends to fall asleep.


Cut His Nails Frequently

It is annoying to hear your dog pawing against the floor or clicking like a knight; besides, long nails can cause deformity by adding pressure to his bone and arthrosis. Nails sticking into the pads cause enormous damage in the meanwhile. It is time for an attentive trim.

  • Don’t hurt him

A dog’s toenail consists of an organism named quick, which functions as a blood supply to the toe. They are invisible when the nail is too long. Avoid hurting this organism while trimming as it bleeds easily and is sensitive. Slow down.

  • Instruction

Start by hold your canine companion’s foot steadily while firmly, then snip off a little at the end of the nail. You can use the scissor-type clippers or the guillotine. Immediately stop while you feel spongy to avoid cutting the quick. If your dog starts bleeding, use a cotton swab with styptic power to clean up the blood. You cannot trim his nails all at a time. During the trimming session, rest for a while in between.

  • Encourage him with positive feedback

Nearly every dog detest having a trim. As his faithful friend, you are responsible for accustoming your dog to this ritual. Positive feedback such as snacks, a play session followed, or a warm hug will calm him down by planting a nicely-feel sense in his mind. Why not give him a boisterous greeting after clipping his nails? At this time, it’s important to Understand a Dog’s Temperament.


Make Sure Your Dog is the Correct Weight

Weight is a direct dictator to tell a dog’s physical condition. You can search for a health chart for dogs and compare your dog’s body size with the ideal size described. Malnutrition can cause serious health issues. An emaciated or grossly obese body only ensures a cad-quality life for these lovely creatures. The following are two ways to evaluate your fluffy baby’s weight.

  • Check from the side

Tummy and rib are indicators from the side. The tummy should never hang below or level with the chest. If there is no evidence for a rib cage possessed by your dog, he needs to lose weight, and vice versa.

In some cases, dogs’ ribs are easy to see for breeds like greyhounds and whippets. Here is a helpful tip. Species with heavy coating requires scrutiny as you cannot feel the ribs as evident as others.

  • Check from above

As you stand up and look down on your dog, a healthy-waist dog should have a visibly tucked-in waist that you won’t confuse the shape with a sausage. The way of his hipbone indicates if he is underweight, a bad signal is the sharp protrusion of the hipbone.

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