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Wowcoolwow is your inspirational guide to the world of Beauty Tips, Fitness, Lifestyle & Fashion News.

We are the Team of creative hair-addicts who can’t imagine a mere day without searching the web for the latest hair choices. In 2016, we started with one purpose — help women from all around the globe get the most of their fashion lifestyle. From popular color techniques to haircuts and styling ideas, we’ve been filling our website with the hottest info to make our readers happy with their locks. Everything began with our passion for seizing trends from the hair industry, which soon transformed into a whole community where everyone can get their questions answered.

At, you can find lots of useful cutting and styling tutorials that our beauty writers and hair professional have selected for your perfect transformations. Alongside inspirational pics and sensational styling ideas, our experts have prepared essential hair care tips to keep all hair types healthy. Whether you want to go natural and embrace your texture or you’d like to color your hair at home, we are your universal hair guide.

Our mission

Every woman is unique like a snowflake, and the same goes for her hair. While we may have different textures, we all have one thing in common: every woman wants to be on point and look confident. Of course, beautiful and healthy hair is key. And we are here to show you how to reach perfection with your locks! No matter how thick or thin, straight or wavy, curly or kinky your hair is, our multifaceted team got it all covered.

What we do:

Our project has a lot to offer to women of today, no matter the age, length, or preferences. Keeping in mind anything from your hair type to your age, we’ve created a universal beauty portal where every woman can find her inspiration. Here’s what you can find on our website to perfect your hair look.

Endless Hair-inspiration

Our first and foremost aim is to keep women constantly inspired with fresh cutting, styling, and color ideas. If there’s a trend, we’ve got tons of beautiful pictures and useful tips for those who want to follow it.

Expert Advice

When it comes to hair, women may come up with countless questions. Hairstylist Experts answering the most popular questions about coloring and cutting techniques, hairstyles for different hair types, and haircuts for all face shapes.

Guides & Tutorials

All those hairstyles you love are anything but complicated. Trust us, there’s no need for salon appointments every time you need a fancy hairstyle. We’ve made plenty of tutorials so that you can get salon results yourself.

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We at Wowcoolwow would be delighted to collaborate with you if you are a true hair artist: a professional hairstylist, a colorist, or a hair educator eager to share your expertise with our readers. So, feel free to contact us! We are also looking for writers, bloggers, and beauty influencers who want to reach a wider audience with their informative articles and be published on a highly popular website. If you have something you want to share, contact us today!