Avoid These Deadly Threats to Both Dogs and You

Dogs bring humorous joy to a family, but they are delicate at the same time. To return the favor, to remove the potential threats from their life is the sweetest treat. Aside from the basic demands like food, shelter, companionship, and training, you need to be knowledgeable about how to improve his life quality, or at least protect him from the following threats. In the meanwhile, when you enjoy life with the canine companionship, watch out for dangers that may happen to you.

Walking dogs potentially makes a mistake

Walking your dog with a leash seems an everyday routine. However, it can cause injury under improper operations, especially if you are a frail owner. Researches show that the occurrence of fracture injuries frequently happens dew to walking a dog. Involving people over the age of 60, getting hip fracture is the most common injury among the occurrences.

  1. How does it happen?

With a leash, the dog can misbehave. Especially when the dog has a large size, it is dangerous to leash pulling when there isn’t enough training. For dogs, they may get neck or back injury when attached to the collar. For the pet parent, dogs can pull them over, causing damage to the arms attached to the leash. Woman, who don’t possess strength as much as males do, are at higher risks of falling onto the floor.

  1. How to diminish the falling chances?

Since there are two subjects involving in the potential of getting injured, both sides are accountable for tempering the danger. Let’s flash bake the scenario when you are falling while your dog pulls the leash: the dog walker needs the strengthen the muscle while he needs to train his dog.

Besides balance working, a pet parent should take regular exercise to make sure he can pull back against his dog. On the training part, the secrete is keeping slack. While people tend to hold the leash tightly while walking his dog, get used to a loose one. Instead of a collar, use a harness to give your dog a more comfortable experience.

Bones can harm your dog

In the cartoon Tom and Jerry, the dog always chews on a bone. However, there is news reporting that bones offered by owners caused damage to a dog’s mouth. It even requires surgery to remove shards of bones out of the dog’s throat.

  1. Facts about bones

Bones are beneficial for dogs. The canine family has a natural habit of chewing on raw bones, which is a gift presented by their ancestors. Like wild animals, they have an instinct to prey on meat and bones. Biologically, dogs require bones to intake nutrients in the bone marrow and the hard tissue.

When a human baby starts growing his teeth, he needs to chew on some hard stuff to polish the tee surface. Likewise, dogs love the feeling of chewing bones as they get mental stimulation through the movement of jaw muscles and the friction between teeth and bone.

By listing the positive effect of giving bones to a dog, gnawing a bone with proper supervision is critical. As long as there are safe ways to offer bones to your dog, the fluffy animal will gain benefits from this exercise.

  1. Ways to satisfy chewers

There are two rules of thumb to follow: choose raw bones, and supervise strictly when your dogs intake them. When you place bones in the food bowl, make sure to match the size of the bone and the physical condition of your dog–sometimes you have to consider your dog’s personality as well. For example, an aggressive scarfer tends to swallow the bones as soon as he could, avoid giving him bones with sharp surfaces, or ones that don’t suit the shape of the dog’s mouth. If you are not sure you have gotten all the tips, then refer to All You Need to Know about Your Dog’s health.

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