A Complete Guide to Adopting a Small Pet

Have you ever wanted to keep a small animal? Maybe you think a guinea pig, chinchilla, hamster, or bird is cute? If you are planning on adding a small pet to your family circle and you give up the challenges and responsibilities along with owning a dog or cat, there are lots of knowledge that you have to brush upon.

Make the 3 Questions Answered Beforehand

  1. Why do you want to adopt a pet?

Pet owners will gain benefits from life with a little fluffy baby. Companionship provided by pets can be a great treatment for loneliness and depression. Besides, keeping an animal often helps improve one’s life physically, providing benefits such as lower blood pressure and heart rate.

A large dog or cat is the normal choice, but perhaps you want to try something smaller. Or you can only offer your animal companion limited space. In both cases, turn your eyes into the animal shelter, where animals like ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits are waiting for adoption.

  1. Which type of animal work best?

A suggestion for you is to know both the animal and yourself. Understand that different specie has its habit and care needed. That’s why we recommend in the last article to Understand a Dog’s Temperament. Your lifestyle and personality are also included in considerations for a perfect match. To ensure a stable bond, the pros and cons of some popular critters are listed below as guidelines to an appropriate choice.

Rabbits adapt well to domestic life and are famous for the sociability with their owners. The long life span between 7 to 10 years also guarantees you a comfortable source of love. This delicate animal should be kept in a large cage inside your house and be fed with well-chosen meals as it has a weak digestive system. Beware that rabbits, which are skittish and can be startled easily, don’t go well with little children.

If you are considering adopting a guinea pig or a hamster, do know that they carry salmonella and other diseases. So, clean your hands with sanitizer after touching them. Guinea pigs are herd animals so put two of them together, while hamsters are nocturnal and may rattle around when you are asleep.

Take a gander at chinchilla if you want a companion odorless. They are so adorable with their large ears and soft fur. The dust powdered volcanic ash is needed to let them roll around to maintain health.

Another popular animal friend is a bird. A bird will add color to your house by its charming tweeting and chirping. They won’t mess up your house as they can live in a cage that allows them to spread the wings. But, if you keep a wild bird such as a toucan, the freedom of its nature could be destructive. Besides, get two birds in most cases as lots of them are flock animals.

Do Your Homework and Prepare Carefully

If you want to pick your baby on the adoptive programs. Here are some suggestions for helping you find a well-run organization. How the money spent is an important indicator. A good program will focus on making the match, as opposed to large payments on personnel.

Cute animals are not alike. Researching on the internet is a good idea, but also go out and look at facilities like shelters in your area. It is recommended to call the vets to ask if he has any suggestions.

Don’t rush into the process. Emotional decisions generally result in regression. Imagine as much as possible about how will things go on like you are doing a business program. Keeping a pet is known for large investments as you will spend several hours a day. If you are a beginner, the learning curve will torment you–as well as the new family member–even longer.

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