How to Leave a Dog at Home?

As a dog parent, you must kind of worry about your little dog while on vacation. It makes sense as the fluffy animals are at risk of getting into hazardous situations like choking, destroying something valuable, or digesting lousy stuff. It is also hard to imagine when your dog bark sadly during the long days without your companion, crying out for the deep loneliness.

It tortures dogs when the owners plan the vacation without proper consideration. Only when with enough supplement of water and kibble can dogs live safely in your absence. Also, it is still a severe case for these furkids to endure emotional torture.

How long is it suitable for your absence? How to prepare before your vacation? Any tips on keeping the dog safe? In this article, we will offer answers to these questions.

When should you come back?

It is common for dogs to wait for you 8 to 10 hours a day, five days a week–after all, you have to work on weekdays. However, 10 hours and above is too long in a single time for a dog. So when you finish the work, you’d better take the dog outside for a walk.

Of course, there are cases when a pet parent leaves the dogs for longer than 12 hours with no issues. However, researches show that the canine family needs human interactions several times a day. Besides, dogs with specific health problems like urinary incontinence need to go out more frequently.

Generally, adult dogs feel uncomfortable after six hours in a single stretch. For puppies, you shouldn’t often leave them alone for apparent reasons. It makes differences for different breeds and personalities of the dogs; it depends on your dog to determine the proper companion frequency.

Keep in mind that although your dog can endure the loneliness for a while, he couldn’t always stay in an ideal emotional and physical state by himself.

Keep your dogs safe by these ways

  1. Prepare with full consideration

Know your pet’s personality and physical requirements. Dogs like socializing and interacting with people may not perform well when being home alone. By contrast, those who like to ignore your teasing can live on themselves comfortably. Younger puppies have higher demands for companionship compared to adult dogs.

Attentively help your dogs get accustomed to your absence in advance. You can start leaving the canine family member for a more extended time two weeks before your vacation. Stay outside for another two hours after your work intentionally to let the dogs spend more time alone.

If you decide to leave the dogs on a boarding house, a dog kennel, or a pet-sitter, write down instructions of your dogs’ particular needs. Enough information is helpful for the assistant to take better care of your baby. For example, you have to inform this person if your dogs have special diet needs or physical treatment. Present the details as considerable as possible so that your dogs can have a better experience.

  1. Care for potential dangers

If you are leaving your dog to another one’s house, relocate the cage carefully. Make sure the new environment is safe for him. If possible, mimic the original place where he used to live, be careful with the bedding and the decorations.

Keep the dangers far from your dogs. Remove stuff with sharp surfaces–such as knives, crafty glasses, and cans–from the sight of the dog. Other potentially fatal settings, like poisonous cleaners, chemicals, medications, and heating vents, should be covered or hid. To ensure your private good a safe condition, also put away your toys, decorations, magazines, and anything tempting to dogs. If you’re going to adopt a small pet, you must know this guide as an animal lover.


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