Effectively Train Your Dogs under These Critical Incidents

Train your dog not to jump on furniture

  1. For young dogs

Inviting dogs onto furniture makes permanent regression for their pet parents. To maintain a clean sofa requires careful look on dogs, and with proper training, of course. If you are unwilling to let your puppy mess with the furniture, keep an eye at first, not at last.

  • Tips on training

To develop the reflection arc of your dog at first, you can limit his movement by a leash, then walk him towards your bed or sofa. You are to tug back the moment he gets ready for the delinquent jump. On the contrary, every time he goes to his sleeping area, give him a treat. Repeat the process until he can automatically choose the right place to stay.

  1. For older dogs

Especially for small dogs, they tend to jump onto the sofa as you are always above them. On a higher floor, they can equally communicate with their human friend. In this case, you can give your puppy access to your bed until he grows older.

The age of 6 months is proper for you when you choose to give your dog a lesson. Keep in mind that you can train your dog to jump up on a couch when given permission. With a sense of respect, your fluffy friend will not regard you as a puppy anymore.

  • Tips on training

First, you should earn respect from your puppy. Using the method mentioned above(the one we use for small dogs), prohibits him from being on any furniture for at least one week. When he gets used to the prohibition, put him on the furniture and tell him to wait–he should learn to ask permission from his owner. Afterward, give your command to let him up, at this moment he will be somewhat confused so that you will soothe him with a gentle guide. Under such repeated training, he will understand your instructions.

Train your puppy to introduce himself to other dogs

  1. When you have to do this

If you decide to adopt another dog, and you already have one in your house, it is probably the time you learn to avoid disputes. Carefully introduce the new canine family member to your dog will help you prevent a potential conflict. Take some diplomatic instructions and be patient until the dog gets used to the existence of the other one. Be accountable and supervise all their interactions.

  1. Basics of biology

As canine family members, a group of dogs lives under the hierarchy system–which means there must be a leader and his followers. Besides, dogs are sensitive to the smell, leading to the fact they are somewhat territorial. As a result, a dog may live in peace with some canine members while having conflicts with others–those they regard as competitors.

If you already have one dog, he may probably think of himself as the host, and the new one is a trespasser. In this case, you may witness a fight if the new family member wants to be the leader as well.

Dogs develop the skill of canine communication when they are 3 to 6 weeks old. Those poor babies without this period may have trouble conveying messages well.

  1. Steps on introduce dogs under the same roof

If you have a female dog, get a male one, and vice versa. Different genders are more likely to lead to a peaceful life. Likewise, dogs with sterilization operations are less likely to join the battle. When they meet for the first time, choose a neutral area that won’t lead to the anxiety of losing territory.

Give both of them a leash to limit their activity scope, and let different persons control them. Then supervise them patiently in the first few weeks to avoid a fight. Be prepared that some dogs may never get along well. In addition to training our dogs not to make you in unnecessary trouble, we also need to take care of their physical health, then you must refer to the last article Feed Your Dog with Vegetables and Fruit: Attentively Keep a Natural Diet.

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