Train Your Cat into an Athlete by These Creative Tricks

Just like a human being, the majority of feline companions are in lack exercise. In order to keep their weight within control, get rid of all the annoying diseases, and stimulate their minds, regular exercise is required to make their muscles supple and strong. Besides strengthening the bonds between you and your cat, these tricks will also inspire you to become more creative. Let’s take a look.

Turn Everything into a Toy

Rather than spending money filling your cat’s toybox, it is better to create a little toy for your cat by yourself. The secret is to think like a cat–which means to obey the hunting instinct of the feline family. Almost every cat has a stalker inside her little body. All you need is to attract your cat with any ball-shaped toy in your hand–ping-pong balls, balls of paper, yarn balls, or balls made of any animal-friendly material.

If you are the artsy-crafty type, you can use your T-shirt scraps and a pair of scissors to make knotty knots. First, cut your T-shirt into strips, then cut the strips into appropriate lengths. Tie the end of these strips over and over again to make the knots fluffier. When you make a secure finish, just wait and look forward to your cat’s exciting movements!

Trees are naturally perfect toys for felines. Built by nature, a tree can act like an animal shelter that provides the cat with climbing space. Your cat will have a good pastime scratching and stretching up in a tree. Without putting into a penny you can make your furry companion envied by others.

Changing the Mealtime into a Good Workout

As long as you keep an animal as a pet, you definitely need to spend time with her. A little effort on your part will help her slim down and improve the quality of her life stunningly. Take every minute possible to make your kitty physically fit is as simple as you can imagine. The following are what you can do.

Changing the mealtime into a good workout. Walk around the house with your fluffy’s meal with you, and of course, let her know about it. Give her small bites if she stops following. It would be extremely simple to arouse her morale after she gets accustomed to the new challenge. You can level up the difficulty by walking faster or rotate your wrists and ankles.

Take a walk outside your house. Your cat deserves to spend time outside just like dogs. If you nourish your cat with breeze air from the earth beyond her front door, you will broaden her horizon and stimulate her mind as she explores the world better. By treating your cat like your baby you protect her from being corpulent. And you can also Build Your Own Workout Routine associated with your pet’s workout. Why not make it now?

Keep Your Cat Curious

As people always get bored with the same old story, cats get bored as well. They also want their lives to be filled with unexpected mysteries. If you have tried all the above exercises, it is time for you to think up fanciful ways to slim your cats down.

Boxes and bags are a good idea. Felines can get a little workout investigating what is in them. You can put feathers in a bag and let the cat find out–what would definitely make her crazy! You can also prepare an empty box, as cats love hiding in boxes that they do not fit into.

Another solution would be making an agility competition for your cat. Prepare hurdles, loops, huddles, and other obstacles, then use feather as a lure to get your kitty to make their way. Using the same method, you can use some ball-shape stuff to entice your cat to actively participate in exercise and get off the couch.

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