Avoid These Unconscious Ways That May Kill Your Pet

Potential dangers are everywhere. As eager as people with furry family members in their house are to take care of their animal companions. It requires a savvy pet parent to find out hidden danger and protect your fluffy baby from life-threatening disasters. Spend a few moments reading this article will assist you in avoiding these unconscious ways that may kill your pet.

Avoid Heatstroke

Beware how rapidly dogs or cats can overheat. These fluffy friends cannot adjust their body temperature efficiently, at least not to the same level as human beings. Unfortunately, most of their sweat glands are confined to their pads, and panting is the primary means to cool off. Condition is even worse for flat-faced pets who won’t be able to pant effectively with longer noses. Besides, pets can get dehydrated easily in hot weather with their heavy fur.

In order to keep your pets cool down, ensure them a constant source of water. Stay in shade during daylight hours and do play sessions either in the early morning or late evening. Keep an eye on and never leave your cherished pets in a car under high temperature, or it would be a fatal accident. In the summertime, let your dogs swim in the children’s paddling pool is a good idea. Also bear in mind that shear your pets frequently in hot summer.

Toxins in Cleaning Agents

Keep your house neat is fine, but it is hazardous to pollute the air with cleaning agents. Do realize most cleaning products contain toxins–which include bleach, chlorine, and ammonia–that will do harm to the health of both you and your pets. Pet parents generally do more cleaning than people without pets to get rid of annoying taints made by fluffy companions. More cleaning you do, there is a greater deal of toxin threatening everyone in the house. Additionally, you need to avoid the other Food Poisoning.

Remember how often your pets lick the floor or drink water from the toilet. When they walk around in your home and occasionally lick their paws, they ingest a large number of toxins in cleaner. Not to imagine the scenario when the fatal toxin clipping to the edge of the toilet bowl while your dog happens to be thirsty and starts seeking out a source of water.

Traditional cleaners contain toxins that can lead to symptoms like diarrhea, seizures, lethargy, and even death. Consider replacing them with green and simple ones–which are also inexpensive–that will lighten the build-up of toxins in your house. Green cleaners are so easy-to-find that you might be surprised at your suddenly declining budget for cleaner. For example, a mixture of vinegar and water can clean the floor. Instead of ammonia-contained cleaners, lemon juice combined with a lint-free cloth does the cleaning job well on mirrors and windows.

Deal with Flea

Pet parents always get annoyed at fleas. These little thugs live in a humid and warm environment. So how often you see them depends on the location of your region. A common type of flea species that bugging cats is the cat flea. This eclectic species has a wide host range, including birds, kangaroos, and of course our feline family members. Cat fleas tend to remain on their host after location, being ready to mate and laying eggs easily, so their ability to repopulate on domestic animals is incredible.

If you live in cities like Florida that have fleas year-round, the solution will be protecting both your cat and your house from parasites. Spend less time outdoors and avoid exposing your cats to fleas as possible as you can. Check if there are fleas on your cat by using a flea comb frequently. Vacuum every corner of your house and especially your cat’s bed, designate an area for your cat to move if possible.

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