3 Tips on Avoiding Mistakes for Pet Parent

Taking good care of your pets requires your absolute attention to minor details. Wiping out bad habits will help you have a better experience with your little baby dog or cat. To help you improve your pets’ well-being, here are 3 tips that you need to be aware of.

Toss Plastic Accessories

Plastic is a convenient and lightweight material that is used as a pet’s accessory anywhere. Litter box, water bowl, and anything you can imagine could be of plastic. Unfortunately, this environmentally unfriendly material also has lots of downsides, which will do harm to the health of you and your fluffy pet.

The fact is plastic scratches. Your cats are easily attracted by the material and she often wants to scrape a plastic litter box with her claws, leaving scuffs appealing to bacteria and germs afterward. It is particularly annoying once you find it remains after disinfection.

Besides being impossible to sanitize, it is even worse when you are aware that the breaking down process of plastic water bowl will impair your pets’ health by leaking into water and food. Scientific research has found out that the condition that cat developing feline acne is closely connected to plastic bowls.

Here are the solutions. You can replace your old plastic products with ones made of porcelain, glass, or stainless steel. Budgeting for a new plastic box every year is also a good idea.

Tricky Prebiotics

An increasing number of cat or dog guardians are purchasing pet food that claims special nutrition is contained in it. A typical example is they are looking for prebiotics on pet food packaging.

Prebiotics are basically complex sugars that are non-digestible. Marketing stressed this nutrition provides energy to the cells and beneficially nourishes healthy bacteria to your pets’ GI tract. However, scientific research shows prebiotics feed unfriendly bacteria as well. In some cases, prebiotics probably does severe harm to your pet with an out-of-balance bacteria ratio in its digestive tract.

In addition, the most common type of pet food having prebiotics claim is actually adding beet pulp to its formula. Beet pulp is a material contained in sugar beets. Just as most costly products are low-quality, beet pulp is not an ideal source of prebiotics. Putting aside the fact that highly processed pet food is unhealthy, there are still cost-effectively better options.

Compared to looking for a nutrition claim on pet food formula, I recommend you prepare a balanced raw commercial diet, or do some homemade meals for your cat or dog. you can also choose products based on your pet’s health condition or take advice from veterinarians. Hopefully, your pet will keep a very fit intestinal tract. If you have a dog, then you must refer to Feed Your Dog with Vegetables and Fruit.

Avoid Danger of Fluoride

There has been a large number of research showing the dangers of fluoride to human health, leading to bone cancer, dementia, muscle disorders, and other severe issues. Not only do human beings are exposed to fluoride-related danger, but dogs are also at risk for exposure to fluoride over a long period of time.

Compared to distilled water, tap water normally contains a higher level of fluoride. In addition, bone meals for dogs or pet food containing animal byproducts are also exposed to the danger of fluoride. I recommend you set fluoride limits on your pet by replacing tap water with bottled or distilled water.

For better health of you and your fluffy baby, here is some additional advice concerning fluoride limits. You should avoid using fluoridated water to cook. The bone meal prepared for your pet should not contain too much fluoride. It is also important to look at pet food formulas carefully to avoid fluoride exposure.

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