Issues You Need to Know about Eye Protection

An old saying says: “Eyes are the window of the soul”. As one of the most important organs, the eyes can help us to see beautiful things and people all over the world. “The amount of myopia around the world would increase rapidly, especially in Asia,” said professor Seang-Mei Saw. And the professor estimated there would be around 50% people getting myopia, and 9% of them getting high myopia, which happened to coincide with Seang-Mei Saw. It seems it’s urgent to make more people know how to protect the eyes. The following are some tips.

Relax eyes regularly with sufficient sleeping

Have a rest as schedule if you have taken a long time at reading, watching TV, or other electronic products, don’t make your eyes feel tired unbearably. The correct method is to take 10~15 minutes for a rest every hour. See the green tree and vision out of the window, or try other methods to relax eyes like eye exercises.

Meanwhile, sufficient sleeping is the best method to eliminate visual fatigue. But Be Careful These Bad Habits for sleeping, which cause If possible, try to sleep before 23:00. Cause researches show a healthy liver and gall affect the eyes, both of them move actively from 23:00 pm~1:00 am. If we miss this critical period to stay up too late, the liver and gall would be damaged, which would affect the eyes. If your sleeping quality is bad, learn tips about How to Improve Insomnia?

Standard sitting posture when reading or working via computer

A standard sitting posture is very important when reading or before a computer, which can make your muscle of the neck relaxed. The distance between the screen and eyes should be more than 50 cm and look down to the screen within 10°~15°. Try to be sure your eyeballs less exposed in the air, which could prevent your eyes from being dry. But kindly note looking down to the screen doesn’t mean to bend the spine, keep it straight, just make your eyes down.

Additionally, don’t put the computer under the sunshine, and don’t read in the poor-light or moving environment, all would cause visual fatigue easily.

Organize outside activities regularly

Under permission conditions(take good care of your health anyway), organize some moderate activities such as playing Pingpong, badminton, and soccer. When our eyes catch the balls, the muscles around the eyes would relax and contract. These movements would speed up metabolism.

Keep the eyes moist

Dry eyes would cause visual fatigue, so we need to keep our eyes moist. The easiest and scientific method is blinking. You can even apply the tear around the surface of the eyes, which could help total eyes wet.

Stop rubbing eyes optionally

Rubbing optionally and frequently would make eyes get a bacteria infection, eyelid relaxation, bloodshot eyes, and corneal ulcers. So how can we do when you feel uncomfortable, maybe you’ll meet the below situations:

  • If some foreign bodies burst into your eyes, don’t rub right now. This action may make your corneal ulcers injured. The correct way is to close eyes, then the foreign bodies may stimulate eyes to secrete tears, which could help to excrete foreign bodies. Or try normal saline or eye drop if tears don’t come out.
  • If your eyes itch, don’t touch your eyes directly. Close eyes, then apply soft pressure around the eyes. Kindly note the best pressure should make your eyes feel relaxed.
  • If dry eyes make you feel uncomfortable, blink to keep your eyes moist. Staring at electronic products for a long time would cause eye strain and dry eyes, so do remember to take a rest every 1 hour.

Check your eyes regularly

Checking eyes regularly can not only check the eyesight, but also other eye diseases. The eyes help us to see the more wonderful world, let’s protect them.

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