Interesting Ways to Make Your Kids Exercise When Quarantine

Compared to adults, kids don’t have a stronger immunity to fight against coronavirus. Additionally, wearing a face mask would cause kids can’t breathe smoothly when they go outside. Ipad, game or watching TV becomes their common entertainment, which impairs their eyesight and health. The parents should know these Issues about Eye Protection.  And parents should participate in their daily life to do some exercises and interactive activities to distract their attention from electronic products. Here we collect some activities to share with you.

Imitating animal

Play with your kids, encourage them to imitate animals on how to walk or run, the ones who have the best performance can get the awards. In the yard, set a goal, organize them to learn: slither like a snake, jump like a frog, run like a horse or leopard, walk with swing arms like a gibbon.


Stick adhesive tape or draw grids on the floor, make related regulations with your kids together. One jump one grid or one jump two grids are fine, the most important is your kids have fun and exercise.

Paper plane

Firstly, DIY a paper flight with your kids together, then throw it into the air. The one whose paper flight can fly further and longer is the winner. The winner can ask for a request or a reward. Remember once the paper plane falls to the ground, ask your children to pick it up and start next round. Exercise your kids through this way.

Monster coming game

Kids prefer unorganized chasing games, especially playing with parents. Some parents like to lie down, then open eyes suddenly once kids are close to them, finally chase kids in the room. But attention to play this game in a safe room, things with sharp tips should be hidden in case of kids getting injured.

Balance beam

Draw a balance beam on the floor, then ask kids to walk forward or backward straightly. If they can walk very well, next try other shapes like half-round or zigzag.

Sing and dance

Turn on the music that kids are interested in, then dance and use movements to describe the words of a song. Let kids enjoy the music and dance game.

Ants moving

Put two plastic basins at two ends of the room, one with kinds of dolls, one is empty. Then move dolls from one basin to another empty basin, only two dolls one time. The one who can move all the dolls quicker is the winner.

Reef avoiding

Put pillows on the floor and assume they are reefs, let kids “swim” on the floor, but need to avoid kinds of colored reefs. Another way is assuming the pillows are rock that can save their life in danger, otherwise, kids will fall into the “water”.

Circle gifts

Place kinds of small gifts on the floor, kids use a circle to get the gift they want at one meter away. If the circle can catch that gift, kids can have this gift by themself. But if they can’t, they need to accept some punishments. Remember to make the rules with kids together, so they can follow consciously.


Don’t think housework is none of business with kids, and don’t let kids think they are can’t do anything with housework. Doing some easy housework at a young age can develop kids’ basic viability, and can make them more responsible. Easy housework like sweeping, cooking assistant and clothes folding.

Finally, kindly note below

  • If possible, try to play with your kids together
  • Try to keep them away from electronic products to protect their eyesight
  • Choose activities as your kids

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