Are You Still Staying Up Late to Damage Your Health

The youth are crazy busy for a good college, a certificate, or preparation for a meeting of tomorrow. The old can’t sleep well because of poor physical condition. The others enjoy staying up late for games, movies, etc. With the pressure from kinds of stuff, enough high-quality sleeping each day becomes a luxury. But it’s a necessity for a healthy physical body.

The damages  if staying up too late frequently

Damage for stomach

The organs inside our body move as their natural schedule, they would like to take a rest after the work of a whole day, which need to process when sleeping. But it seems that people never want to sleep after 23:00, they are crazy busy in their work, study, or games. After a long time, the organs can’t bear the overload work, and they become too weak to fight against the bacteria from lots of excretions that are bad for health. All the above, gastric ulcer, dyspepsia, abdominal distention would be the common diseases along with the people who often stay up too late.

Diseases of the heart and cerebral vessels

The physical body can’t relax regularly when staying up too late, , which would cause the heart and cerebral vessels to contract abnormally. These people’s blood pressure is higher than the others. Now more and more young people get the diseases of the heart and cerebral vessels, staying up too late is one of the main reasons.

More cancer risks

Staying up too late would disorder the internal secretion. The cells can’t divide normally, which would improve the cancer risks. Most people have verified this problem through precious life.

Poor eyesight

Staying up late means your eyes have worked more than 16 hours at least every day. Overload of work and a late night creates a dark circle and poorer eyesight. Take these measurements of eye protection to your to-do list.

Damage for skin

The moisture inside the skin would disappear without high-quality sleep and overload pressure, which causes wrinkles, dark skin, and pimples. If you understand your skin enough, you would not bear these damages.


The damage of long-term late night not only affect the physical health, but also mental health. Many of these people finally suffer from neurasthenia, which makes them can’t sleep anymore.

How to reduce the damages

Eat at regular hours

Besides sleeping, well-eating can help to strengthen immunity. At late night, we should eat carbohydrate food that can dissipate into glucose rapidly. Meanwhile, we need to pay more attention to the nutrition of daytime, such as fish and lean meat. Additionally, remember to eat at regular hours, set a timer to give a reminder. These can help to prevent us from diseases of the stomach.

Take a walk outside

Fresh air can help us to release the fatigue of staying up late, which is good for health and please ourselves.

Try to drink sufficient water

A late night would cause too much lack of water, so it’s important to drink more water during this period.

Don’t maintain the skin too late

It’s the best time to cleanse and maintain our skin at 22:00~23:00 when the skin can absorb the nutrients of the skincare product.

Try to make up as much sleep as possible

If condition permits, try to make as much sleep as possible after a long late night. If not, a short rest around 10 minutes are also workable to make our body relaxed.

In my opinion, a healthy physical is the basis of life, work, and study. Try to adjust your daily schedule for enough high-quality sleep, or try to raise our working efficiency. Let’s get rid of our dark circle of the eyes together.

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