The First Wristwatch For Female

The first wristwatch should make a lot of sense for every woman. When they start to work and communicate with kinds of people, a wristwatch is not only a decoration but also an attitude toward work and unique temperament. For example, if a woman wears a suit and wristwatch to attend an interview or meet her client, the watch will make your employer or client feel you’re punctual, reliable, and graceful. The first look is very important in these situations.

Next, well recommend some wristwatches as your first formal weapon to join the workplaces.

Budget: Around $1,500

If your budget is around $1,500, the following watches could be one of your choices:


Compare to other watches, MIDO show both the calendar and time. The watch case made of stainless steel shows the modest luxury of this watch through the PVD process. And the watch ear is slightly curved to fit the wrist of the human being. The simple dial without excess decorations make total watch seems elegant and high-quality. This watch represents the wearer’s humble attitude.

  • Longines La Grande Classique

A dignity and quiet watch would serve you well in an interview or a conference with your clients. This slimline watch is suited to the female, which is the symbol of classic and elegance.

  • OMEGA Constellation

OMEGA is a bit high-profile brand. Constellation series is the classical works with a highly recognizable identity. It could be your first OMEGA watch if the other watches are not affordable. It is not cost-effective for its’ quartz movement, but it has better performance at accuracy.


Budget: Around $500~$800


This watch could show the women’s grace, of which the dial is simple matched with a high-quality pointer. The body of the watch is rounded, and the chain is made of hard-wearing stainless steel. Emporio Armani focuses on delicate details to make the watch fit wearers well. Consumers ranked this watch as one of the most excellent wristwatches for women.


The ecology-drive watch must be related to Citizen who controls this core technology. This watch can transfer the light into electric energy. There is no doubt this technology would help to protect the environment. And consumers don’t need to replace the battery often. Because the watch can get energy once under the light environment. According to the reviews from customers, there are three reasons why it is highly recommended:

  • Good price. The most important is that many people can afford this price.
  • High accuracy. A client who uses this watch for more than 12 years said the time error even is no more than 3S. (Note: The special cases are excluded.)
  • Durable. Many consumers said they have used this watch for more than ten or twenty years.

The above watches are suitable for the fresh that have a limited budget. If the budget is not limited, then you could have lots of choices such as Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, etc. Then you must refer to Best Luxury Watch Brands to Checkout for Women. Whichever watch you like, we need to buy one according to your budget. But we have to say you deserve a marvelous watch to accompany your work experience.

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