How to Authenticate Tiffany Brand Jewelry?

How to Authenticate Tiffany Brand Jewelry

Tiffany and Company were established in 1837 by John B. Young and Charles Lewis Tiffany in New York City. They initially began as a “stationery and fancy merchandise emporium” in Lower Manhattan.

From that point forward, they have gotten known for excellent products, including jewelry. Alongside their prosperity, many fake products have entered the market. As of today’s, celebrities are crazy for the Luxury Skincare Brands and Tiffany and Co. when they need to stun on the red carpet, and the house has lately been infused with another innovative soul as a new delegated design director Francesca Amfitheatrof. The first lady to hold the position, she carries reviving confidence to the house and has gotten down to business, divulging her new Tiffany T collection and uncovering to Vogue that she may even set out to put her own turn on Tiffany’s unique blue boxes. With such an illustrious history and enduring fame of Top New Trends That Will Reshape Luxury, “Tiffany and Co.” manifestations are ideal objectives for counterfeiting.

A forger can essentially stamp “Tiffany and Co.” on a neckband, ring, or anything and make it look like an original one.

So, how can you tell if Tiffany jewelry is genuine?

The fact is that it is difficult. But few ways can assist you with distinguishing the indications of a fake Tiffany and Co. jewelry item.

Read Below to Know About the Signs

The Box

The Box

Tiffany jewelry typically arrives in a blue-shaded box that is customarily called robin’s egg blue. The Tiffany items are always packed in a robin’s egg blue shaded drawstring bag, and the box is attached with white silk lace.

It Should Have a Stamped Mark and Show No Tarnishing

Stamped Mark and Show No Tarnishing

If you are purchasing a piece of jewelry or a thing made of silver, it should have a stamp plate with an imprint specifying “925”. If the piece looks discolored or it doesn’t have the “925” sign of authentic silver, at that point, it is probably going to be a fake piece. Additionally, the composition on the jewelry should utilize Serif font rather than Ariel Sans Serif.

Get Familiar with All You Can About Tiffany’s Works

All You Can About Tiffanys Works

This incorporates history, insights regarding its craftsmanship, estimated dates on when a specific collection was made, and so forth. Not exclusively may it permit you to recognize a fake, yet offering a portion of your expertise to the vender can clarify that you are not somebody to be meddled with!

A portion of the organization’s collection incorporates Ziegfeld Collection, Tiffany Soleste, Tiffany Bow, Tiffany Metro, Tiffany Infinity, Tiffany Keys, Paloma Picasso.

Quality of Craftsmanship

Quality of Craftsmanship

In some cases, perhaps the best pointer of whether a piece of jewelry is genuinely fine is the craftsmanship and level of completing that has gone into the back or underside of the piece,” notes Krakowski. “On a legitimate piece, you hope to see everything cleaned delightfully, links that lucid quickly, à jour work that is fine and well-tooled, stones that are equitably set and very much coordinated, and a decent substantial haul to the metal.

With regards to things that propose a piece is fake, Krakowski focuses on “links not being soldered closed and cleaned, the weight of a piece being excessively light, a wrong font utilized for the stamp, and deviations from the common trademark location of a piece.”

Font and Alignment

Font and Alignment

Check the inscriptions for font and alignment—for instance, the stamp “1837” on certified adornments of Tiffany.

The numbers are full and all aligned impeccably on a straight line. Despite what might be expected, a fake piece will show small numbers that are not lined up with one another.

Besides, present-day legitimate Tiffany items ordinarily flaunt the complete name “Tiffany and Co.” with a more significant T and C. The brand utilized the expressions “TIFFANY and CO.” or just barely “TIFFANY 18K” on certifiable vintage pieces.

If your item shows every single uniform letter, it may be a fake.


Tiffany and Co. try not to sell their items wholesale. If somebody says she purchased the pieces discount to clarify the cheap costs, be dubious.


Be careful with any vender who has negative criticism. If others state he sells counterfeit pieces of First Wristwatch for Female, then the piece you’re looking at is probably fake.

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