How to Improve Insomnia?

From the medical point of view, insomnia means that the central nervous system is very excited that people can’t have high-quality sleep. There are different types of symptoms of insomnia like difficulty in getting to sleep, much dream, waking up easily, waking up early, etc.

There are many reasons causing insomnia, such as liver-blood deficiency, cardionephric disharmony, and too much pressure from daily life and work. In any case, sleeplessness would tell on people’s health, which can’t be easily ignored.  And good sleeping is the tip to look younger than your age. Here we collect some tips that could improve insomnia.

Make the psychology and physical relaxed

  1. Try not to eat anything 2 hours before going to bed. On the one hand, the food would cause stomach distension. On the other hand, this problem may come to bother people and make bring a fidgety mood.
  2. Keep emotionally stable before bed. Make a list about what matters would affect your emotion, then try to keep them away. If it’s impossible, try to eliminate them or divert your attention to other light topics. Kindly note: don’t watch movies or televisions before bed! Moreover, stay up too late is not a good habit.
  3. Reject random thinking. Sometimes, thinking too much would stimulate the brain and make people feel too excited to fall asleep.

Psychological therapy

It’s essential to ask the mental health doctor for more help if you can’t control the worse situation. The doctors can help to release the pressure and make insomniacs fall asleep more quickly through some professional ways. Hypnotherapy is highly recommended to make the patients’ body and mind sleep without interruption.

Sleeping environment

Select a bedroom that is away from the noise. Make sure the lights softer in case of glare from bright light. And the material of curtains should be lightproof.

Adequate exercise

Attend some outside activities such as playing basketball and running, which can strengthen immunity and promote sleep. But exercise before bed is not allowed, cause it would make the nerves stimulated.

Daily diet

Have vegetables and light food for dinner. People should prevent them from strong coffee or tea and eat food that is helpful for sleeping like milk and banana. The researchers identified a cup of milk with sugar can increase the secretion of human insulin, which can prompt the brain to secret serotonin of sleeping. Additionally, milk contains little substances like morphine that can calm and soothe the nerves.

Health care supplements

Melatonin is named an internal sleeping pill. If it’s really difficult to sleep, some health care supplements such as melatonin can prompt sleep. But people should avoid long-term use, cause the physical body would depend on it. This long-term dependence would cause dizziness or headache.

Cautions :

  1. Go to bed when you have sleepiness, not in advance.
  2. If you lie in bed for 20 minutes without any sleepiness, you should get up and go out of the bedroom. Then do some easy activities until you have sleepiness.
  3. Don’t do any amusements like eating snacks, watching TV, listening to music, or thinking about any complex problem.
  4. Get up on time every day, whenever you slept the last night.


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