Fashionable Mask Collections In 2020

The brands that have taken such a battering during lockdown may have found an improbable savior. Various masks appear with all colors and styles, which quickly establish themselves as this season in fact every season’s must-have accessory. Not only can fashion masks protect us, but also look so cool. Most brands’ masks are already sold out once they launch new series, including Adidas, New Balance, Under Armour, Uniqlo, etc.

Here, we will show you some fashionable collections

Off White is the first brand to enter the mask industry, its Arrow Logo mask has ever been the hottest men’s item worldwide in the first season. Later, this global hottest fashion brand steps up its efforts to launch several masks with new designs at the end of June. All of them are made of pure cotton material, universal size, selling for less than US$100.

Champion mask is made of middle-weight single layer fabric to let wearers feel comfortable and air-permeable, keeping what it is originally after repetitive washing. Different from the low-key style of Adidas or Under Armour, Champion choose a more exaggerated method to design three attractive color matching from tie-dyed to camouflage and champion image. However, you can get it for US$12 only.

New Balance had joined in the fight against the epidemic in March, when the brand used its factory in Massachusetts, USA to start large-scale production of masks. Now, New Balance already has contributed more than 1 million general masks to medical workers. Meanwhile, the NB Face Mask V3 for the public came out. The advantages that attract consumers are its low-weight, easy-cleaned, malleable bazoo, and flexible ear hook. Three pieces of each pack are priced at US$ 24.99.

Adidas’hottest item is a mask with the Adidas logo rather than gym shoes in May of this year,  which was launched successively in the European and American markets. This mask is based on a regenerated polyester fiber and elastic fiber layer that can be washed and reused. The flexible ear hook, cling to wearers’ face, makes sure the comfort of ears. Three masks per pack are priced at €95 in Europe and the United States is US$16. They are sold out once launched at the official site in both markets, the same as the hottest shoes. According to the report from Footwear News, even the price of a secondhand mask at eBay is going up to US$90, 6 times than the original.

Uniqlo started to sell the “Cool mask” at the physical shops in Japan on 19th, June. All of them are sold out within 3 hours. And the online stores declared the outage.

There are four main functions of the cool masks: virus-proof, sunscreen, breathable, and cooler feeling. Based on three layers of material, the outermost is a special sunscreen material that can absorb the ultraviolet rays. The fine meshes deliberately are made to make the mask have excellent breathability. The middle layer is a high-performing antibacterial film that can prevent us from 99% bacterial, pollen particles, and spray particles. The innermost material is a new high-tech material named “ALRism”, which has good functions of sweat absorption and flash drying to keep the mask’s clean and cool.

Under Armour designed a comfortable, cool, and breathable mask for sports enthusiasts. Under Armour’s CEO, Patrik Frish said they wanted to help resolve some problems in this challenging period especially. So they tried to make this special mask for the athletes, sports enthusiasts, and people who want to protect themselves and others.

If you are one of Jenner’s one hundred and seventeen million fans, you must have paid attention to that Takashi Murakami mask on her face.

At the same time, Takashi is trying to research and develop a totally new mask that breaks through tradition. The whole face is covered by this olive green pleated masks, except the eyes. Now, this new Ninja mask is currently under development.

I believe we will see more brands as we have already really been thinking about how they can play their role. It encourages the general public to concern about their safety and keeps the community around them safe as well. Regarding the trending of this global epidemic, a mask is going to be part of our lives in the near future whether you like it or not. The winter is coming, a face mask can prevent our face from the cold wind. If it’s not enough t keep you warm, then find 6 Fashion Tips & Tricks for Really Cold Winter Weather.

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