How to Prevent Us from The Virus during The Epidemic Outbreak?

According to the expert and governments all over the world, I have to say I will advise not to go out during the epidemic outbreak. However, some daily schedules couldn’t be avoided, such as outsourcing or picking parcels. You shouldn’t hang out except you have to handle important emergencies, but do remember to protect yourselves when you are outside.

Coronavirus spreads via spittle, touching, air, and fecal-oral transmission, and maybe some other ways we haven’t found out yet. So it’s very dangerous to be infected if we don’t make protection on ourselves, it’s our duty that we have to take good care of our health. Here are some tips we have collected for you.

Wear a face mask and disposable gloves

The face mask is the first key point. N95 face masks that meet the requirement of the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), KN95 face masks, or disposable medical face masks are workable to filter at least 95% airborne particles, and they are reliable to protect us from Covid-19. It’s important to remember to wear a face mask before you go out. For the fashionable people, pick up your face mask from Fashion Mask Collections In 2020.

Regarding disposable gloves, you can decide if they are necessary according to the place where you go. If you are driving out and won’t touch anything outside the car, it’s OK not to wear gloves. If you plan to buy some life-need-resources, it’s recommended for you to wear both a face mask and disposable gloves for your safety.

Keep a safe distance from others

If you meet an old friend, it’s best to keep distance 1 meter(or 3 feet) away at least between you. Usually, spittle spreading would realize when you’re close to the infection source. Spittle spreads within 1~2 meters, the safest distance is keeping others at least 2 meters away.

No eating and smoking if possible on the way

It’s best to make your stomach full before going out. If this outgoing would take a long time, eat at an empty place, and keep a safe distance from others. Eating quickly and safely and remember to put on a face mask well after.

Control yourself not to smoke in public if possible, the virus may catch you during this period.

Maintain a good habit of respiratory hygiene

When coughing or sneezing, remember to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue. If you don’t have any tissue or you don’t have enough time to take one, coughing into your elbow.

Wash your hands with sanitizer

Wash your hands in the following situations:

  1. After passing the paper file
  2. After cough or sneeze
  3. Before and after a meal
  4. After using the washroom
  5. Hands get dirty
  6. Touching other stuff
  7. Touching the animals

Don’t touch mouth, nose, and eyes

Some persons are used to touch eyes or nose unconsciously. But during this special time, those actions may increase the risk make you infected with viruses from hands.

Remember these details when outgoing.

Cautions after coming home

  1. Wash your hands with sanitizer, don’t wash randomly, take care of each detail.
  2. Under the general situation, you just need to wash your clothes normally every day if you don’t have close contact with someone you don’t live with or someone who may carry the virus. If you are afraid or need to keep safety, it’s highly recommended to spread some medical alcohol on your clothes and hang the clothes in a ventilated place.
  3. Take off the face masks correctly. Don’t touch the contaminated surface outside of the face mask with your hand, which may take the viruses to your hands. The correct method is to take off the face mask via hang rope of mask. Try not to reuse the face mask that you have worn when you are out.
  4. About the used and discharged tissue, face mask, and gloves, put them into a specific trash bin. Especially the face masks, don’t put them anywhere, which would cause secondary pollution.

As far as we know, status has become better in most countries. During this critical period, it’s our responsibility to keep it well.

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