Minimalist Nail Designs That Keep It Simple

Elaborate nail art? This year, the five-minute, minimalist manicure is not only on-trend, but it’s also downright chic.

So put down your fine-tipped brushes and stencils, and take your nail cue from these trendy paint jobs we spotted.

Here, 16 minimalist nail art designs to get on your digits stat. For more nail designs, you must refer to 30+ Marble Design Nails.

1.Dipped in Gold

2.Gold Striping

3.Multi-Colored Striping

4.Silver Lining

5.Tiny Triangles

6.Color Drops

7.Fierce French

8. Split Personality


10.Color Block

11.Simple Dot

12.Artificial Nail Ideas


14.Simple Heart
15.Eyelashes & Eyes

16.Silver Line Art Design

17.Nude Moons


19.Pastel Streaks

20.Pastel Tips

21.Watercolour overlay

22.Metal Line&Rhinestone

23.Over the rainbow

24.Pastel sunburst

25.Triangles & Outlines


27.Watercolour Streaks

28.Fun Punctuation

29.Simple Dot Designs

30.Pastel Overlay

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