80+Elegant Square Nail Art Designs

A beautiful nail is one of the fashionable details that give your appearance a special seal. Square shaped nails have been popular for a long time. Girls are still craving these nails as the trend of fashion is cyclical. Square nails are a classic in the world of fashion that never goes out of fashion and you can take it on every occasion. This shape is very popular and is called the glamorous nail shape. This form of the nail will surely draw attention to your hands and will fit well with those ladies wearing nails of medium length.

To have the square shape you have to have the required length which is trimmable as a square. Your long nails will be cut horizontally to give them a square shape. Don’t file the edge smoothly because a smooth edge will make it oval.

If you are planning to design your square-shaped nails, you surely can try these square nail designs as described in this article. Be inspired by our designs and ideas and imprint them on your square nails. And if you want to find extra art designs of the square nail, then click Have A Good Dream With These Dreamcatcher Nails.


We have prepared a lot of photos of square nails for you in our post. I hope that our effort will pay off and you will find nails ideal for yourself! Enjoy and do not forget to be your own!

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