Celebs with Their Lifestyle Blog Pages

Celebs with . Their Lifestyle Blog PagesCelebrity Lifestyle Websites

Writing can be therapeutic for specific individuals, and celebs are no exemption. A few well-known entertainers, actresses, TV stars, and performers have blog pages. A portion of these Celebrity Lifestyle Websites has share fashion tips, while others stay up with the latest on their most recent undertakings. A couple of famous people with online journals even incorporate content that they like from different specialists.

While we love watching out for what imaginative women like Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, and Lauren Conrad are making and sharing, there are a modest bunch of different big names that are spreading out into the advanced world to grandstand their off-camera ways of life. After Julianne Hough lately launched her own Celebrity Lifestyle Websites, casually named Jules, and with Reese Witherspoon preparing for the presentation of her neatly named Draper James, we figured it would be the ideal chance to share the love and feature a portion of our other most loved renowned appearances that are causing a ripple effect in the advanced life, DIY + homemaking spaces.

Moreover, America’s favorite amusing lady Ellen Degeneres likewise has a lifestyle brand in progress. Collaborating with J. Christopher Burch of Burch Creative Capital, our fave daytime has wanted to turn into the next large lifestyle master. Although we realize that the brand will incorporate everything from home style to stylish garments for pets, the specifics are very secretive.

So, while we quietly anticipate the launches of these upcoming Celebrity Vloggers and few best Blogs of Indian Celebrities, we’ve found our top most loved Celebrity Lifestyle Websites.

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Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton. Celebrity Lifestyle Websites

Quite possibly the most popular gossip sites on the web are Perez Hilton. The website was begun by Mario Armando Lavandeira, who initially had a passion for celebrity amusement and style. When that didn’t go as arranged, he chose to launch his own site, which in the end turned into the amazingly unique and productive website at PerezHilton.com. The site is basic and straightforward to explore. With new content going live on it consistently, it’s an ideal site plan and set up for his gossip-hungry audience.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle. Celebrity Lifestyle Websites

The actress — you may perceive her from Horrible Bosses or USA’s Suits — is tied in with taking care of perusers’ cravings for food, travel, beauty, and fashion on her site, The Tig. Not exclusively does the site have insider’s advisers for diamond urban communities big + small; however, she likewise gives you French pharmacy beauty finds and approaches to make your footstool look stylish. While those are overly charming, what makes the site stand apart is the Tig Talk series, highlighting renowned women like Cat Deeley, Gabrielle Union, Katie Lowes, and much more.

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry. Celebrity Lifestyle Websites

Stephen Fry is a multi-talented Englishman who has made diversion his business since 1981. He is one of the great Hollywood Celebrities, broadcaster, director, comedian, and journalist, all folded into one. He has done a travel succession for the BBC, Stephen Fry in America. This series saw him going through all of the 50 states in America.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt. Celebrity Lifestyle Websites

Being the quickest runner on the planet gives many chances, which can all be seen through Usain Bolt’s site. With a WordPress driven picture slider, you can see the wide range of styles and characters Usain Bolt has to bring to the table. Simultaneously, you can likewise encounter the navigation features of the site and great pictures as you clear your path through the area—another ideal illustration of what’s conceivable when utilizing WordPress as your CMS.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue. Celebrity Lifestyle Websites

As an overall performer and fashion icon, Kylie is one of the Most Stylish Female Celebs and icons nobody should meddle with. Her site is essentially marked as “Kyle” while additionally offers an exquisite, highly contrasting feel. Using a close header menu, anybody can easily explore through the site and rapidly find what they are searching for — regardless of whether it’s design, music, video updates, or more data on Kylie and her profession.

Celebs Love Blogging and You Should Too!

As you can see through the Celebrity Vloggers sites above, WordPress is astounding. Not exclusively is it a free content management solution, but on the other hand, it’s one that offers a universe of customization and opportunity.

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