70+ Trendy Matte Nail Designs That Fit Every Woman’s Style

These trendy nail art designs go well with various outfits and fashionable accessories including trendy watches and chic rings. From feisty rust orange to the sober and cool beige and blue, we have a design and pattern for everyone. Choose a nail design and color that goes well with your personality and style.

With these funky matte nail design ideas rock your fall and winter parties in style. Go ahead and check out what inspires you the most! Trendy nails must be matched with fashionable jewelry, next let’s go to Top Latest Fashion Jewelry Trends 2021 You Need to Know About.

1. Cool Matte Nail Design

2.Alluring Gray Blended Marble Nails

3.Aquatic Shimmers Coffin Nails With Rhinestones

4.Art Of Renaissance Nails With Green Sparkles and Single Matte Nail

5.Attractive Sparkling Golden Nails With Nude Light Pink

6.Awesome Pink And Black Nails With Black Rhinestones

7.Beautiful Blue And White Gingham Style Matte Nail Designs

8.Black Matte With Metallic Golden Design

9.Black Nails With White Tribal Design

10.Blue And Natural Nude Marble Nails With Golden Lines

11.Bold DIY Nail Art With Rhinestones


13.Captivating Black Matte Lace Nails

14.Charming Desire With Black Golden Glittery Nails

15.Christmas Burgundy Coffin Matte Nails

16.Clear Lace Nails Are Getting Ready For Autumn

17.Cobalt Blue Nails Decorated With silver Beads

18.Cool Marble Nail Art With Golden Stone

19.Dark Green And Golden Nails With Gold Studs

20.Dazzling Nail Art With Black Nails

21.Earthy Brown Matte Stiletto Nails

22.Easy Nude Coffin Nails With Golden Glitter

23.Elegant Marble Nail Art With White And Nude Colors

24.Get Ready For Christmas With Red Coffin Nails

25.Glam DIY Matte Black Lace Designs

26.Glitter To Add Charm In Matte Red Nails Perfect for Christmas

27.Golden Studs Adorn Bold Blue Matte Nails

28.Gorgeous Marble Nails With Golden Glitters

29.Hearty Cartoon Pattern With Rhinestones

30.Iconic White And Purple Nails With Polka Dots And Beads

31.Light And Dark Nude Nails With Lace Design

32.Lovely Nails With Graphic Aztec And Silver Glitter

33.Match You Dress With Cute Crystal Dusky Lavender Nails

34.Matte Moons With Red And Golden Nail Colors

35.Metallic and Matte Combo 3D Rhinestone Art Design With White Purple Nails

36.Mindblowing Party Black And Golden Glitter Stiletto Nails Best for Fall Parties

37.Neon Orange Patterned Nails With Rhinestones

38.Neutral Nail Art With Black Marble Nails

39.Party Nails With Animal Print And Black Rhinestones

40.Perfect Combination Of Glossy And Matte Purple Nails

41.Pink Stiletto Nails With Rhinestones

42.Pretty Black Nails With Little Bit Marble Art

43.Refreshing Green Nails Perfect For Spring

44.Renaissance Golden And Silver Glittery Wine Color

45.Shining Beads And Pearl Decorated Nude Nails

46.Silver Beads Bow To Adorn White Matte Winter Nails

47.Simple And Elegant Nails For Summers

48.Sparkling Easy Nail Art For Beginners

49.Spring Impression With Matte Marble Nails

50.Stiletto Black Nails With Purple Accent Design

51.Stylish White Nails With Black Art And Rhinestones

52.Super Chic Black Nail Design

53.Summer Stunning Turquiose Coffin Matte Nails

54.Trendy Dark Matte With Silver Glitters

55.Valentine’s Heart Decorated Matte Nails

56.Vibrant Blue Nails With Adorable Bow

57.Vintage Lace Nails For Glamorous Look

58.Warm Nude Nails With Cute Silver Beads

59.What A Cool look With Dark Gray Nails

60.White Stiletto Lace Design Nails With Rhinestones

61.Wow 3D Patterened White French Tip Nails

62.Matte Burgundy Coffin Nails

63.Matte Black Design for Short Nails

64.Glitter French Tip

65. Matte Red

66.Matte Neutral&White

67.Eye-Catching Matte Design

68.Purple Ombre Nails

69.Matte&Gold Metallic French Tip

70. Matte Burgundy and Glitter Fall Nails

71.Adorable and Elegant Nude Coffin Nails

72.Brown And Black Nails With Golden Glitter

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