40 Pretty Pink White Nail Art Designs

Color is very important in any visual design, so is for nail art. Whenever you think about a color that resembles femininity and the feeling of being pretty, cute, and girly, a color that strikes your mind is “PINK”.

Pink and white are beautiful colors that complement each other perfectly. This color combo can be used in fashion, beauty, and more. We love these two colors together and think they are perfect for nail art.

Today in this post, we have rounded up 40 of our favorite pink and white nail designs for your inspiration. Click on and give your favorite one a try this season. The pink white nail would be perfect when girls need to make an appointment with their boyfriends. If they are not enough, then click Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Nail Art Designs.

1.Pink and White Ombre Nails

2.Light Pink and White Heart Nails

3.Cute Anchor Nails

4.Matte Pink and White Nails

5.Pink and White Nail Design for Short Nails

6.Heart Nail Design for Short Nails

7.V-Shimmer Look Nail Design

8.Geometrical Shapes Nail Design

9.Shaded-Leaves Nail Art Design

10.Multi-Layered Nail Design

11.Tile Nail Art Design

12.Necklace Shape Nail Design

13.Natural Nail Design With a Twist

14.Rhinestone Acrylic Nail Design


16.White Nail with Trendy Accent Designs

17.Glitter Ombre Pink and White Nails

18.Pink, White and Glitter Chevron Design

19.Elegant French Ombre Nails

20.Sparkly Pink and White Nails

21. Light Pink Nails with Elegant White Accent Nail

22.Pink Nails with Flower Accent Nail

23.Trendy Pink Marble Nails

24.Metallic Pink and White Nail Design

25.Pink And White Chrome Stiletto Nails

26.Pink and white flowers Nail Design


27.Pink And White With Gold Nail Design


28.Pink And White With Sliver Line Nail Design

29.Rhinestones Pink White Delicate Nails

30. Pink White Marble Coffin Nails

31. Pink White French Nails

32.Pink White Rose Nail Art Design

33.Pretty Pink And Glitter Nail Design For Prom

34.Pink Nails With White Heart Shape

35.Chevron Glitter Pink Nails

36.Pink And White Sparkle Nails With Snowflake Accent

37.Pink Negative Space Nails

38.Pink French Nail Tipped With White And Glitter

39.Pretty Pink & White Feathered Nail Art


40.Pink & White Crown Nail Design


There is a design for everyone whether you like glitzy rhinestones, trendy patterns, delicate flowers, and more.

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