Why “Coronavirus Hairstyle” Getting Popularity in Kenya?

Coronavirus Hairstyle Getting Popularity

A “Coronavirus Hairstyle” has gained popularity in Kenya looking like models of the coronavirus with long spikes that move out over the head. Pictures speaking to the structure of the new coronavirus have indicated spikes coming out of a round, external surface.

This hairdo developing fame in East Africa part because of financial difficulties connected to COVID19 limitations. This is progressively significant now due to numerous families are confronting financial challenges because of limitations intended to constrain the spread of the coronavirus. The limitations have halted everyday work activities for many individuals with practically no investment funds.

The coronavirus-impacted look is additionally being utilized by certain Kenyans to raise awareness about COVID-19, the infection brought about by the virus.

The strategy used to make the coronavirus haircut utilizes a typical material for stringing rather than artificial hair products. The coronavirus hairdo costs only 50 Kenyan shillings as contrasted with $3 to $5 for a normal braided hairdo.

The Coronavirus hairstyle had left style lately because of imported real & synthetic hair from China, Brazil and India started to flood the market and request by neighborhood ladies expanded. Photos of the streaming or braided imported styles are attached up in beauty parlors across a lot of Africa.

Kenya already has reached 8,975 Corona positive cases and has placed measures into impact to battle the pandemic, for example, executing curfews and releasing prisoners.

Coronavirus Hairdos have generally conveyed significance in Africa, from uncovering a wearer’s relationship status to their family’s social standing. Varieties of the “corona hairstyle” have been plaited from age to age.`

Here is Why People Adopted “Coronavirus Hairstyle”?

Why People Adopted “Coronavirus Hairstyle”

Having Coronavirus as a Hairdo

A photographer from Nairobi named Donwilson Odhiambo has discovered something unique during the Corona pandemic: the coronavirus hairdo. From that point forward it has become his preferred subject. The Donwilson Odhiambo said that “This was something profound due to it’s something that nobody has done in Kenya. Nobody has done it anyplace else”.

Bringing Awareness in the Kibera Slum

Kibera occupant Mable Etambo has been spreading awareness about the corona pandemic through this basic hairdo: “With the Coronavirus hairdo she wants to advise people to maintain social distancing, and wear a mask any place they go and to wash their hands consistently or use sanitizers to stay away from COVID19.”

Showing Colors and Shapes

Showing Colors and Shapes

Not exclusively did Mable Etambo designed the coronavirus hairstyle, yet she additionally utilizes colored string to speak to the shades of the coronavirus itself. She moreover clarified that “The pink shading speaks to the protein layer, the maroon is the greasy layer and the crisscross is the crown”. She would like to proceed with her newly discovered ability as a hairdresser significantly after the pandemic is finished.

Kenya’s Schools Are Shutdown

Schools in Kenya have been shut during the corona flare-up. So, the Kibera resident Mable Etambo ensures her little girls comprehend the significance behind the coronavirus hairstyle and the significance of sticking to government measures to battle the pandemic. “I like it since it shows that COVID19 is real so we should pay attention to it,” said her girl Martha Apisa.

Although the main reason behind “Coronavirus Hairstyle’s” popularity is basically the pocket-friendliness. The method used to make this hairstyle is braiding done by using threads, which are created by yarn instead of synthetic fibers.

Moreover, the people also said that the coronavirus has destroyed everything and people lost their jobs and now money is the big scare. So in this time of recession, they not even able to afford a hairstyle. Therefore it gave birth to a new coronavirus hairstyle that is both affordable and looks good on people.

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