Which Top Players and Teams in the Winter Olympics Deserve Attention?

Which Top Players and Teams in the Winter Olympics Deserve Attention

On February 4, 2022, the best winner Top Teams & athletes in the world will gather in Beijing for the Olympic Winter Games. With near 3,000 athletes contending on 109 events, there will be a lot of skiers, skaters and sliders to watch out for. To help dive more deeply into the contenders who will probably challenge for gold medals at the Games, look at Which Top Players and Teams in the Winter Olympics Deserve Attention at Beijing 2022 here?

Check Out the List of Popular Players and Introduction at the Beijing 2022 Olympics

Marie-Philip Poulin-hockey – Canada

Marie-Philip Poulin, Canada (hockey)

Canada’s women’s hockey team is a machine. Poulin is the motor that powers it.

The Quebecois forward is probably the best player to take the ice; a left-given objective scoring machine with the ability to send opposing defenses leaning toward her and the vision to transform those minutes into valuable open doors for her colleagues. Since her Olympic introduction in 2010, she’s scored 33 objectives and counted 35 aids 54 worldwide games – remembering gold medal performances for Vancouver (2010) and Sochi (2014).

Poulin is the main character in one of the greatest rivalries with Career Awards in sports. Each USA-Canada hockey game is a must-sit in front of the TV. The Olympic hockey final is Cheers, and she is Ted Danson.

Hanyū Yuzuru – figure skating – Japan

Hanyū Yuzuru - figure skating - Japan

Hanyu, the best professional skater of his age, will try to match a nearly extremely old record in Beijing. The Japanese “ice prince” is focusing on a third progressive Olympic gold medal in the men’s singles. The final man to do that was Swedish maestro Gillis Grafström in 1928.

Hanyu has broken the world record multiple carving through doughnut twists and fourfold leaps to soundtracks going from Prince to Chopin.

Gus Kenworthy – freestyle skiing – Great Britain

Gus Kenworthy - freestyle skiing - Great Britain

Kenworthy has American roots and went to secondary school in Colorado. While he won silver for the U.S. in slopestyle in 2014, any medal win in Beijing will raise the Union Jack upward. The Essex-conceived Brit settled on the choice to address his mom’s nation of origin in 2019. Presently, he’ll get the opportunity to be the country’s very first men’s skiing medalist at the Winter Games.

He’s one of the most prominent competitors who’ll streak down the Taiwu Ski Resort. The transparently gay skier has shown up on TV in shows like The Challenge, RuPaul’s Drag Race, American Horror Story and zero-time Oscar-winning film Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

Regardless of his cultural cache, freestyle’s highest honors have commonly escaped him. He’s arrived at the platform multiple times between the Olympics, World Championships, and Winter X Games yet never claimed gold.

Bree Walker – bobsleigh – Australia

Bree Walker - bobsleigh - Australia

The Australian hurdler turned bobsledder has dashed through the world positioning to fifth on the planet in the monobob throughout the most recent year. Monobob, the solo, female-only event making its Olympic introduction this year, expects competitors to hurl themselves down a track in a sledge weighing 162 kilograms. To get a definitive speed bobsledder to need to boost their speed increase toward the beginning and then keep up with that speed to the lower part of the slide – making previous runners and hurdlers the best athletes to convert to the winter sport.

Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt – curling – Australia

Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt - curling - Australia

This is Australia’s first appearance at Olympic curling after over twenty years of a true rivalry. Gill and Hewitt have been trained in the number one spot up to the Games by Canada’s defending Olympic top dog John Morris. He’s told them that he will not be giving any tips during the Olympic contest yet his training to date assisted them with transforming a professional pursuit into an Australian Olympic game interestingly. They are longshots in a field of 10, however that hasn’t prevented Australians from taking out an unexpected Olympic award before.

Yuto Totsuka – snowboard halfpipe – Japan

Yuto Totsuka - snowboard halfpipe - Japan

Totsuka’s first Olympics ended about as severely as it could have, he has stretchered off the course after an amazing accident during his second spat the men’s halfpipe last. The Japanese star, then, at that point, 16 years old, actually figured out how to complete eleventh in Pyeongchang, regardless of whether he recollect it. Presently, at the grizzled old age of 20, he has the development to glance back at his missteps.

Totsuka hasn’t allowed that difficulty to scar him. He’s arisen as one of the most incredible half-pipe snowboarders on the planet. After bringing home silver in the 2019 big showdowns, he got through for gold in 2021. He’ll be one of 2022’s top picks, and presently he’s one of the top choices to bring home the coveted medal in Beijing.

Eileen Gu – freestyle skiing – China

Eileen Gu - freestyle skiing - China

Gu will make her Olympic debut with huge assumptions on her shoulders. The San Francisco-born freestyle skier won double golds at both the Winter X Games and the 2021 World Championships at 17 years old. 90 days before the Beijing Games, she became the first woman to ever complete a double cork 1440 in freeskiing.

A success in February would make Gu China’s first female gold medalist in freestyle skiing. Notwithstanding her American citizenship, she previously mentioned addressing her mother’s nation of origin back in 2019 with her eye on the 2022 Games.


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