What Do The People with A Nice Figure Eat Every Day?

As we know, exercise and a correct diet is the key point to have a nice figure. Without a correct diet, the effect of losing weight would be cut by half although you exercise every day.

If you would like to lose weight and keep a good figure, a negative energy balanced diet is necessary, that means energy-in should be less than energy out. But the premise is that we have an overall balance of essential nutrients such as protein, vitamin, minerals, and dietary fiber. Otherwise, the physical condition would be weaker.

Now, let’s see the differences in daily diet between those in good figures and those in poor figures. Their refrigerators would show us the answer.

The refrigerator for people in poor figure


The refrigerator for people in a nice figure

For the people in the poor figure, the processed food like sausage and bread is common in their refrigerator, which has good taste with kinds of MSG and pigments.

From the picture, we can see lots of beer, cola, processed food, and little fruit…


Finally, you’re going to look like:

Next, let’s see what it is in the refrigerator of those people in good shape. Conversely, lots of eggs, fruit, vegetables. Especially yogurt has many health benefits in daily diet.

This food is natural and organic, which helps to build a healthy and beautiful body shape.


Finally, the people who can control their diet healthily would look like:

Are you curious about what famous people with charming figures eat in their daily life? To know more, the reporters went to their home to make an investigation:


Chessie King is a famous fitness coach, 24 years old. She owns 290,000 followers at INS, where she shares some images of her beautiful figures. When the reporters opened her refrigerator, they didn’t see any sweets, but only vegetables and fruit. Chessie said she never bought any junk food to avoid eating them. And she often cooked fish, tofu, vegetables to feed herself.


Look, here is one of her fine breakfast of avocado, smoked salmon, and gluten-free multiple Peta.

Even in a hurry, she also can match a healthy meal including banana, oaten milk, peanut butter, protein powder, and some ice.

And she told the reporters the kale was one of her favorite dishes, which always stays in her refrigerator.



Matt Law is a professional model, with firm abs. When opening his refrigerator, there are lots of fresh fruits, carrots, meat, fish, and some staple food like brown rice.

In Law’s menu, he eats regular lean meat, salmon, or other white fishes once a week. And he promises to have vegetable diets for the whole day per week. In this way, the animal protein can be replaced by the vegetable protein of black bean and lentils.

Law doesn’t advocate “a cheat meal”, which means you allow yourself to eat for a meal optionally. This way not only increase more calories, but also make your taste bud keep the memory of that unhealthy food. It’s the biggest deadly point.

A correct diet is as important as exercise to have a good body shape. The following are the menus from professional fitness coach, for your reference:

Breakfast(7:00 am)

Menu Oatmeal/milk/egg
Reason Oatmeal contains carbohydrate/Milk and egg contains protein.

An extra meal(9:00 am)

Menu Half of an apple.
Reason Half of an apple can help to not go hungry and its calorie is very low.

Lunch(11:30 am)

Menu Fish(100g)/shrimp(80g)/vegetables(100g).
Reason The fish and shrimp are full of protein with lower calories.
Vegetables can make feel fuller, which the DF is good for digestion.

An extra meal(3:00 pm)

Menu Black coffee(350ml)+whole wheat bread(2 pieces).
Reason Black coffee is good for heart functions and doesn’t contain fat.

Dinner(5:00 pm)

Menu Salad including lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, salmon, chicken breast, and few peas.
Reason Help to adjust taste with low calories.

Night snack(9:00 pm)

Menu Fruit with low calories.
Reason Low-calorie can help to reduce the burden of the stomach before bed.




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