Pay Close Attention to These Common Dental Diseases

Even and white teeth can build a beautiful and confident smile. Strong teeth can help us to taste more delicious food. Good teeth would accompany our entire life. Most people realize it’s important and keep brushing their teeth twice at least every day. But some of them are still suffering from dental diseases such as tooth decay. Here let’s talk about some common dental problems and how to prevent them.

The common dental diseases

Tooth decay

The doctors’ researches show that dental plaque is the main reason for tooth decay. If people haven’t cleaned the teeth thoroughly, the dental plaque would absorb the food particles and excrete acid that would weaken the teeth until a cavity there. That’s why many people also have tooth decay although they brush their teeth every day. Cause they can’t clean the dental plaque well.

Dental calculus

The primary origin of dental calculus formation is that the excretion from saliva reacts with acid inside our mouth for a long time. The reactants are easily attached to the back of the teeth, finally, they seem like hard stones. The serious dental calculus would cause bad breath, which is not good for our social contact.

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity means the teeth can’t bear the cold or hot as normal healthy teeth. People may feel the pain once their teeth touch cold water, cold wind, or too hot water, even any excessive sweet or salty food would stimulate the teeth. That’s because gums that protect the dental nerves atrophy, the excessive taste can touch the dental nerves directly. The doctors said brushing teeth too hard or periodontitis would make the dental atrophying.

Bad breath

The bad breath doesn’t only come from the uncleaned teeth, but also the gastrointestinal diseases. If you brush your teeth carefully and don’t have any other dental problems, we highly advise seeing your doctor check if there are any other problems.


The periodontitis comes from long-term and uncleaned dental calculus and dental plaque. They would accumulate and cause periodontitis finally, which would catch more and more bacteria to damage the alveolar bone.

Some daily care to prevent tooth diseases

Proper diets that can protect our teeth

The eggs with protein, fruit & vegetables with lots of vitamins and bone soup with minerals can help to strengthen teeth.  The Top 9 High Protein Food For Fitness can help to choose the suitable food you like.

We have to avoid eating too much crude, cold and stimulating food that would damage the protection layer covered the teeth.

Have a good oral hygiene

Below are 3 suggestions for good oral hygiene:

  • Keep brushing teeth before bed
  • Gargle with saltwater after a meal
  • Clean the food particles with floss pick after a meal

Pay attention to the bacteria on the coated tongue

Most people ignore the coated tongue when brushing teeth, where most bacteria like to stay. Brushing the coated tongue can help to reduce bacteria and improve the bead breath.

Chew food properly

The proper way to chew food is to use both sides of the teeth in turn, in case of chewing by only one of them. Otherwise, the side that chews food often would be damaged cause they bear all the tasks, and the other side that never chews food would atrophy. If things go on like this way, the facial features would be affected.

See the dentist regularly

The ADA recommends to see the dentist and check your teeth every six months or one year. The people who have dental diseases already should check the teeth every six months. The period should be shorter for the kids.

Let’s pay close attention to oral health and periodontal care.

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