The Premium Staple Food for Losing Weight

Are the proteins the most important part of a fitness meal? The answer is” NO”!

The main role of a fitness meal must be carbohydrates. So we have to pay more attention to the staple food.

Actually, it’s enough if the amount of total premium meat can meet the demand for protein for a fitness meal. However, the quantity and proportion of staple food is a changeable factor. My coach Davy told me that a good plan for staple food is half the success of a fitness meal.

Most people have a misunderstanding about staple food, many of them even don’t eat any staple food to lose weight. But the fact is the success doesn’t belong to the people who don’t eat the staple food but belong to people who do. The successful people have one tip commonly: they have their own methods to choose suitable staple food, which makes them have sufficient nutrition to support them to lose weight.

Today, we collect 7 kinds of staple food for your choice. Put down the rice, pasta, pizza, and bread. Let’s see what premium staple food are good for losing weight:

  1. Oat

I have seen many contents said:” the oat means health”. This is not exaggerated actually. Why is it a hot seller for people?

  • High in fibre, feeling of fullness, and low GI

Firstly, let’s understand what GI is. GI(Glycemic Index) shows the speed and ability of a kind of food to raise blood sugar. The experts set the standard as 100, which is the blood sugar production index of the glucose.

GI>70: It means high GI food, which digests quickly with high absorption and high speed of glucose conversion. So the blood sugar will rise rapidly.

GI<55: It means low GI food. They stay longer time at intestines and stomach with lower absorption and lower speed of glucose conversion. Under this situation, the insulin has enough time to adjust.

High GI food makes people feel hungry more easily, but the low GI food can keep the satiety. Oat contains a lot of β-glucan(around 5%) that is not easy to be digested cause it is soluble dietary fibre. For example, a breakfast made of dozens of oats can hold the satiety until the dinner. Meanwhile, it can stimulate the movement of the gut to avoid constipation. And lower speed of oat digestion can avoid the rapid raise of blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

  • Natural vitamins and minerals

Most people basically don’t have enough Mg, oat is a great resource of Mg.

  • High protein without sugar
  • Versatile taste
  1. Corn
  • Advantages: It’s convenient for people to cook and there are lots of proteins as other staple food.
  • Disadvantages: It lacks tryptophan and lysine, which are the necessary amino acids. So people can’t eat it as a staple food for a long time.

  1. Sweet potato
  • Advantages: Rich dietary fiber, strong satiety, and good taste.
  • Disadvantages: Overeating would lead to abdomen distends.

  1. Potato
  • Advantages: Low sugar and strong satiety.
  • Disadvantages: Avoid eating sprouted potato, especially for the children and the pregnant.

  1. Yam
  • Advantages: Low calories, strong satiety, and effective medical value.
  • Disadvantages: Avoid direct touch on the yam, otherwise, people may suffer from an allergy such as itching on the hand.

  1. Pea
  • Advantages: Full of starches, rich in Mg, K, and dietary fiber.
  • Disadvantages: Some may feel uncomfortable cause mung beans have strong antioxidants.

  1. Millet
  • Advantages: Millet is highly recommended by the doctor to nourishing the stomach when the patients like to overeat.
  • It’s not suitable for the people who get deficiency and stagnation constitution.

Whichever staple food is, we have to change the next one food regularly rather than only eating one for a long time. By doing so you can get a variety of nutrition from kinds of staple food.


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