Reusing Your Old Hair Extensions: What You Need to Know

Hair extensions are an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe, which can be worn to add glamour or can be used to cover up bald spots and provide a perfect finish. But what if you could just buy the same hair extensions over and over again?

Hair extensions are a favorite among all of us since they improve the appearance of hair, particularly if you have thinning patches on your head. Hair extensions can last for many years with the proper maintenance. But once they deteriorate, you’ll eventually have to replace them. Any long-time owner is aware of the symptoms, such as a tangly or dry appearance, that suggest you should switch out your hair extensions. Old hair extensions,¬†however, are not always destined to be thrown away because they can be cleverly reused to extend their life.

This article discusses how you can make a new pair of hair extensions from your old ones.

Hair extensions

Here’s how you can recycle hair extensions into DIY hair accessories.

Old hair extensions differ from the standard ones. They are made of synthetic fibers. These fibers can be ripped and reused when they are no longer helpful. The best part is that they can be used intelligently to extend their life span. When your worn-out extensions are no longer appropriate for glamming up your mane, transform them into a hair ornament, and voilà! They have been rejuvenated and are prepared to celebrate. What you can do with them is as follows:

1: Clip-In Braids

Want your hair to have immediate definition and texture? Who wouldn’t? Yet how?

Sometimes the solution is more straightforward than you expect; how about “braids”?

Long hair looks great in braids because they offer depth and structure and are the ideal summer hairstyle. Adding hair ornaments or a splash of color will also help you slay the festival look. What more could you ask for in a straightforward hairstyle?
Not only are they adorable and functional, but they are also really easy to build. Take off your previous clip-in extensions and braid them. Clip something into your hair when you want a romantic, boho vibe. Although it appears that you spent a long time creating and braiding your hair, you merely pulled the accessories out of a drawer and applied them quickly.

2: Messy Hair Bun

Did you ever gaze at a photo of a woman with a messy bun, looking effortlessly casual and creative, and think, “I wish I looked that amazing with a bun”? If the response is affirmative, your old hair extensions may hold the key to finding the remedy. How?
Create a thick, voluminous bun using a hair doughnut sponge and your previous hair extensions. The ends should be secured to the underside of the doughnut using glue or pins. Wrap your hair around the top for more thickness after placing it over a ponytail. To create an undone, sensual look, backcomb your hair and pluck out a few strands.

3: Braided Hairband

There she is, the arrogant young lady floats longingly through your neighborhood, wearing an elegantly braided crown and a billowing maxi dress. How is she able to do that? She either has exceptional braiding skills or is wearing hair extensions, considering she was born with beautiful, thick tresses.

Unused hair extensions can be used to create a braided crown for you, too. Simply braid the old hair and use an Invisibobble to fix each end. Use Kirby clips to hold the ends of your hair in place at the nape of your neck. You’ll be THAT girl once you secure the braid with a couple of extra clips around the crown.

4: Hair Wrapped Bobble

Your ponytail quickly becomes swanky by hiding your bobble by wrapping a hair strand around it. What if your hairstyle resembles a rat’s tail more than a ponytail?

You’ll probably find it difficult to borrow the extra locks required to deftly conceal your hair knot. Not to mention that every strand matters if you want your ponytail to seem full and delicious. Don’t worry; an outdated extension will work perfectly.
Put a little hair extension beneath the bobble instead of spending extra money on a wrap-around ponytail hairpiece; don’t worry, you won’t be able to see this part. Then, completely encircle the extension around the bobble for a perfect and sophisticated finish. Use a little clip to tuck the ends under your ponytail. No more natural hair is required!

5: Create Volume

Voluminous Hair

Feel somewhat vintage? When putting together an ensemble with a 90s theme, the only thing missing is the ideal hairdo to match large hair, which has just returned to being fashionable.

It’s time for a beehive. But wait, you don’t have the abundant mane to build a beehive of Bardot proportions. What’s a girl to do?
You should make a “hair rat,” though it seems ludicrous.

Phew! No, a hair rat has been utilized by women since the 19th century and has since been a trade secret employed by anyone needing assistance with volumized bounce. You just place a ball of hair under the locks on your crown to produce fantastic height.

6: Clip-In Fringe

The best weft extensions for this afterlife would be any of our earlier models. Simply clip the weft onto your hair’s front, where a fringe would be, to generate the proper fringe shape. Not a fan of using scissors? Visit the hairstylist with it!

A professional would be glad to trim it for you for a small cost. Ta-da! You now own a perpetual non-permanent fringe. Trimmings, challenging stages of development, or regrets don’t exist. This is fantastic stuff! It’s pretty simple. Clip your bangs in when you want beautiful bangs and out when you don’t.

7. Festival Hair

Consider trying to dye your old hair extensions if they are just gathering dust. The task will be more straightforward if they are light blonde, but if bleaching them out or discarding them in the trash is your only option, you might also entrust the task to your dependable hairdresser.

Next, what? Well, think about using wild colors. Being extra, glitz and glamour, and most importantly: sparkly everything, are the themes of the festival season. This is the go-ahead for your hair’s pink, purple, green, and blue streaks. Who doesn’t adore a hairstyle with rainbow braids? Old hair extensions can be dyed to save money and lengthen their life.
Bottom Line

While it’s true that hair extensions only last as long as you take care of them, you can always reuse them for other DIY hairstyles to extend their life after they become old and worn out. Instead of throwing away your old hair extensions, you can always reuse them, and you never know. You might look even better with them.

With the above hairstyles, you can double down on your hair styling and make your hair look thicker and longer. This would be great for those who are short on time or just want a quick hairstyle that is easy to maintain.

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