Lesser Known Facts About The Popular Web Series “Money Heist”

Lesser Known Facts About The Popular Web Series Money Heist

“Money Heist” is already a well-known web series that is streaming on Netflix. It is a crime, murder, thriller, and mysterious Spanish series with the highest rating all around the world. It has been a surprisingly positive disguise to numerous during this COVID19 quarantine time. The fan base of the show is expanding daily and the credit goes to the actors and the unimaginable content of the show. With four seasons till now the heist has consistently produced a feeling of interest among the fans. This Spanish web series has been named in English and can likewise be viewed with captions.

So, If you have wrapped up this latest series of all the episodes and are longing for more of deep dive into how your loved band group of robbers became, I have your back. Here are probably the most stunning disclosures from this Money Heist narrative.

Find Below Some of the Lesser Known Facts About “Money Heist”

Fan Among The Football Player

Fan Among The Football Player

It is no hidden that the show has a big fan base all over the world. But, among all these fans there are few celebs named as Stephen King and Neymar are also the big follower of the show. It seems like the football megastar Neymar is so much into the series that he contacted the producer to be a part of this heist.

Therefore, in its third season, there is an episode where a Brazillian monk character named Joao was actually a Neymar, who did make a cameo appearance in the show.

The Show was Doomed to Fail Before Netflix Acquired it

The Show was Doomed to Fail Before Netflix Acquired it

At the point when the “La Casa de Papel” first season was debuted in Spain, it displayed promise to reach great views. However, its first outbreak attracted 4.5 million audiences on the Spanish channel Antena 3. But, as the web series went on its viewership dropped. The makers and cast had just acknowledged the series was a failure when Netflix went along and picked it up.

Netflix included “La Casa de Papel”, retitled as Money Heist in the US, to its library with little commercial. And, by luck, subscribers discovered it and loved watching. So, this unimaginable heist drama ends up being Netflix’s smartest gambles.

Tokyo Was the First Series Character to Get a Name

Tokyo Was the First Series Character to Get a Name

Before anybody thought of giving the characters city names, Tokyo was at that point Tokyo.

As per Jesus Colmenar, the producer, and director of the series, everything began when Money Heist maker Alex Pina came to set wearing a shirt that had “Tokyo” imprinted in front. Colmenar out of nowhere figured “Tokyo” would be the ideal name to give a character.

And after 15 minutes, he was already started to giving other city names, for example, Berlin, Moscow, Denver, and much more.

Bella Ciao

Bella Ciao

Bella Ciao is the tune used in series for several times, which is a partism carol, adapted from an old Italian country folk song from the last piece of the nineteenth century. It is utilized worldwide as an anti-fascist song of survival and freedom in tough situations.

Professor’s City Name

Professors City Name

In a talk show with Rappler.com Alvaro Morte stated that he had wondered what his potential city name could be to keep the heist traditional. Even though informal, he enjoyed the alternative of calling himself Vatican City. He referenced the explanation for it that like the Vatican City, the Professor stays covered up but he has a solid hold over everybody.

I hope you enjoyed these unknown facts as much as you loved watching the show. Moreover, not only in the US it gained popularity but people and celebrities of India also find it so interesting that the popular actor Sharukh Khan has bagged the copyrights of the series. And stated that he wants to make a movie on this show, where he may act, aside from producing it.

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