How to Make Your Wig Look Natural

In the world of fashion, we have seen many variations of wigs. Some come with ‘real’ human hair; some with synthetic hair; some with a mixture of both; some are even airbrushed. Most importantly, if you’re one of those who prefer to wear a wig for appearance, then you do not need to worry about your hairstyle and make-up.

The majority of them adore wearing both man-made and real human hair wigs. However, if we’re completely honest, we would prefer that no one knows when we’re wearing a wig.

The whole goal of wearing a wig is to feel as attractive and confident as you did when you had a full head of natural hair, and that is difficult to do if you are concerned about strangers asking, “Is that a wig?”.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to keep your wig a secret. And no, that doesn’t just include going out and purchasing the priciest human hair wig imaginable.

Investing in a high-quality wig can help you achieve a more natural appearance, but it will still seem unnatural if you don’t correctly attach, style, and care for it.

Natural Looking Wig

Our top 8 tips will help you make a wig look more natural

1. Replace Your Wig Frequently

Wearing an outdated, musty wig is the easiest way to let everyone know you are donning one.

We’re stuck using wigs that degrade over time since no one has yet created one that grows new hair. No matter how hard you try, wig styling products or cap adjustments won’t be able to revive a wig that has seen better days.

Plan to change your human hair wigs every 6 to 12 months and your synthetic wigs every 3 to 6 months.

2. Rooted in Two Words Colors.

It’s rare that you have a single color for your hair unless you naturally have true black hair.

Most people’s hair has varying tones and gradients of color.

That gradient is what your stylist means by “dimension.” We refer to them as “the actual fake looking cause wigs dyed with one flat hue.”

On the other hand, root color wigs mix several hues to replicate the organic gradients in bio hair.

You can’t locate a wig with roots in the colors you like. Look for wigs that “mix” two hues, or have your stylist add highlights and lowlights that are two shades different from the wig’s base color.


3. Look for tops with lace fronts and monofilament construction.

The majority of celebrities have worn wigs for years on set and at red carpet events, but until they made their use public due to their hair loss issues, nobody was aware of it.

Can you tell me how they managed to keep her hair secret? With monofilament tops and lace fronts!

When wearing a lace front wig, it appears your hair is growing out of your scalp.

Monofilament tops perform the same function but for the wig’s portion. An individual stitch is used to attach each hair to a monofilament top wig rather than a machine. Because of this, you may part the wig as you choose, and the hair can flow freely.

4. Mishandle The Part

Wearing wigs, for example, can make something look overly flawless. It usually indicates that the object is a fake. Unfortunately, wig companies still don’t seem to realize this.

When you wear most wigs, they have eerily beautiful portions that scream, “This isn’t my real hair!” when you take them out of the box.

When your new wig is delivered, grab a pair of tweezers and delicately remove a few strands. Use baby scissors to cut a few strands┬áso they are just starting to grow out. Finally, pick a few hairs to place on the “wrong” side of the portion.

5. Trim Your Wig

Everybody agrees that a lady who wants a fantastic hairstyle should wait at least two weeks after getting her hair trimmed for it to somewhat grow out.

Usually, it takes a little time for our hair to grow out before we are entirely satisfied with a new haircut. Take your wig to a stylist and ask her to use a razor to chop in some layers or jagged edges to replicate that natural, grown-out look.

6. Remove the Mix

Although lace front wigs are excellent at recreating a natural hairline, the genuine thing will always be superior. If you’re fortunate enough to have some wild hair, try “blending” your natural hairline with the hairline of a lace front wig.

7. Be Aware Of Size

Your wig will feel more comfortable and appear more natural if you get the appropriate size for your head.

Grab your tape measure and use it to determine your wig size.

Beginning at the front of your hairline, wrap the measuring tape behind one ear to the nape of your neck, around to the other ear, and back to the front of your hairline.

Repeat the procedure to ensure that you obtained an accurate measurement and that the result was the same each time.

8. ALWAYS align the wig’s hairline with your own.

Your wig won’t ever appear natural if you don’t align it with your natural hairline. Because of this, you must take the time to line up your wig correctly each time you put it on.

Put the wig on your forehead just above your eyebrows to ensure it is correctly aligned with your natural hairline.

Then, gradually re-place the wig over your head, making necessary adjustments along the way until the bottom of the wig touches the nape of your neck.

Finally, move the wig a little forward till it touches your natural hairline, fastens the straps, and start styling!

Wigs are a classic way to give your hair the perfect shape. A good wig is not just a stylish accessory, it can also be used as an effective advertising tool, creating a strong and distinct impression.

It’s time to learn more about the latest advances in hair technology. Look at our 8 tips to help you get the best out of your wig.


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