How to Keep Your Hair Extensions in Perfect Condition?

Using hair extensions is the best way to completely change the look of your locks. Although extensions are sure to look lovely when you leave the salon, maintaining their immaculate appearance depends entirely on how you take care of them at home.

You must establish regular aftercare practice because doing so will increase the longevity of your extensions. This is crucial but becomes much more critical if you can’t keep up with your maintenance appointments as frequently as you’d want. Therefore, we’re here to help you with our favorite at-home hair care techniques as your personal hair extension guardian angels, promising to keep you looking fierce.

Top 7 Extension Hair Care Tips At Home

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With years of experience in hair extensions, we’ve gathered a list of incredibly simple tips for keeping your extensions looking their best. Whether you’re brand-new to the world of extensions or have been a devoted extension club member for years, it never hurts to become familiar with the best habits that will make your locks stay longer. Having matted, knotted extensions is the worst! So, ladies, allow us to share with you the top seven pieces of advice that we take to heart:

1. Wash Your Extensions Correctly

We strongly advise purchasing the shampoo and conditioner your hair extension expert suggests when it comes to how you wash your hair. To guarantee that the bindings remain strong, there are distinct criteria for each type of hair extension, including pre-taped wefts and micro rings, which use tiny, silicone-lined copper rings. To maintain the quality of your extensions and the healthy growth of your natural hair, they also need to include the proper ingredients. To prevent your hair from losing its natural oils and increasing the likelihood that your extensions may mat, stay away from products with substances like sulfates and alcohol.
Once you have all the necessary supplies, you may wash your hair without worrying about how the shampoo and conditioner will affect your extensions. If feasible, we advise washing your hair in the shower while letting the water run down your hair. While flipping your hair over the bath may be quicker and easier to clean, it makes the extensions more likely to tangle, so you’ll have to spend a lot of time afterward brushing out knots. Always concentrate your shampoo on the roots to eliminate extra oil and your conditioner on the ends to replenish them when washing.
If you apply conditioner anywhere near your roots, the extensions may start to slide down your hair and last much less. Additionally, try to use warm water rather than really hot water to avoid stripping your hair and scalp of their natural oils.

2. Never Sleep With Wet Extensions

When taking care of your extensions, a general rule is to never go to bed with damp hair. Because wet hair is the most brittle, tossing and turning as you sleep can harm both your natural hair and any added extensions you may have. Additionally, it results in a significant bedhead the following day, which you will have to spend what seems like an eternity detangling. You will tighten the ties even if you take additional care to brush out knots.

3. Always Brush Extensions With Care

If you brush your natural hair too roughly and notice that strands start to fall out, it’s a sign that you need to take care of it because if you don’t, your extensions will start to come loose. Your extensions will inevitably tangle at some point, but the important thing is how you handle them.

First and foremost, you should spend money on high-quality brushes. Then, you must brush your hair in a particular order, beginning at the ends and moving upward. Your hair, extensions, and scalp will all remain healthy using this technique because it puts the least stress on them. The more you brush your teeth each day, the better, as long as you do so gently.

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4. Schedule A Weekly Conditioning Treatment

Since your extensions are solely attached to the root, they do not get any of these natural oils. Therefore, you should always plan a weekly conditioning treatment to keep them hydrated and incredibly smooth and to maintain that incredible shine.

You can deep condition your extensions in various methods and use any products you like if you don’t put them too close to the root. Natural products are usually a popular choice because they are not only cost-effective but also ensure total hydration. Use argan oil, coconut oil, or macadamia oil to keep your hair silky and lustrous.

5. Minimise Heat Damage

When you overheat hair extensions, they suffer damage just like your own natural locks do. All of the extensions, whether the micro ring or tape-in, are created with 100% human hair, which can cause them to become brittle and develop split ends. This implies that once the extensions are damaged, you might not have a choice but to replace the hair, regardless of how many conditioning treatments you use. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies you can implement to minimize heat damage. Use heat protectant or else. Turn Down The Temperature, or Take Regular Breaks From The Heat.

6. Avoid Tangling While You Sleep

There are a few simple techniques to prevent waking up the following day with a bird’s nest of hair, even though there is no way to stop yourself from tossing and turning all night. If knotting is kept to a minimum, you won’t have to apply as much pressure on your roots and extension bonds when trying to brush them out.

Before bed, tie your extensions back extremely loosely for the best control throughout the night. Put your hair in a low ponytail and secure it with a silk scrunchie or spiral hairband for a quick and straightforward fix. A loose French braid is another great option for preventing tangling, though it could take some practice. Even better, you’ll wake up to lovely beach waves.

7. Separate The Bonds Daily

Lastly, you must ensure that you set aside sometime each day to separate your links. Although it may seem highly time-consuming and tiresome, it only takes a few minutes, and if you do it every day, it will take even less time. Use your fingertips to feel each of the ties and ensure none have begun to tangle; you won’t need any equipment for this. If they have, carefully try to separate them; occasionally, a little brush or comb will be necessary for this. You may prevent the extensions from being matted against stray or losing hair by ensuring that bonds are constantly kept apart.

There is nothing better than opening your new looks for the first time after having extensions installed, but if you don’t take care of them, they will most certainly not last as long as you’d planned. The methods we listed above will keep your hair immaculate for months if you schedule regular maintenance sessions and incorporate them into your routine.

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