Bees gather nectar that contains 75% water from flowers into their second stomach. Through kinds of changes inside, the male bees will be responsible for removing the nectar or secretions into their caves, finally cover them with bee wax. After half the month, the honey with 23% water only but more vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are created successfully. In short, honey is the crystallization of the sugar solution. When they are saved at low temperatures, it will produce a crystal that is called glucose, and the main component of the rest is fructose.

According to the quality of honey, it’s graded into 3 levels:

  • The first class

Resource: Pipa, litchi, longan, linden, Sophora pagoda, citrus, spike, peach, etc.

Color: White, water-white, black, and light amber.

Form: Transparent, syrupy liquid, and crystal.

  • The second class

Resource: Jujube flowers, rape flowers, purple clouds, cotton, etc.

Color: Yellow, light amber, and pure amber.

Form: Transparent, syrupy liquid, and crystal.

  • The third class

Resource: Tallow, eucalyptus tree.

Color: Yellow, light amber, dark amber.

Form: Transparent, translucent syrupy liquid, and crystal.

In daily life, I often hear from the elders that honey is good to our health, but don’t know what they are or never check if it’s a good substance in any cases. Do you have the same questions about it? Today let’s find the truth.

The functions

1. Honey can rescue the sphagitis by keeping it inside the mouth for a while. And it has good efficacy for the people who work hard or stay up too late the night before.

2. If combined with kinds of drinks or food, the smells will be fresh and sweet. But do remember the temperature can’t be more than 60℃.

3. If you’re drunk, the thick honey helps to break down alcohol, release the headache, and reduce the damage to your liver.

4. Good for skincare: honey can avoid festering of the corner of the mouth if it is used on the lips; The honey could be mask to moisture the skin.

5. Wow, the next function would make me crazy as a foodie. When you’re going to have a barbecue, I strongly advise to take some honey and put them on the roast chicken or roast duck.                 Especially the honey from the jujube flower, the color of meat would be charming gold yellow and has a special taste.

6. Rescue the anemia: eating honey regularly could increase the hemoglobin of the blood. The experts advise to eat 100g honey per day and don’t eat the other sugar.

7. Honey can prevent and postpone the stiff blood vessels. The experts advocate eating honey for around 15 days every 3 months.

8. Improve the quality of sleeping: Honey is a “tranquilizer” that can relax the total body so that people can sleep well.

9. If eaten on an empty stomach in the morning and eaten before bed, the honey can help to protect our liver.

Be careful under the following situations:

 1. Caution! Don’t eat the honey and shallot together. Otherwise, the organic acid or enzymes inside the honey associated with sulfur-containing amino acid inside the shallot would lead to harmful biochemical reaction or poisoning substances to stimulate the intestines and stomach, which cause diarrhea finally.

2. Don’t put the honey in a high-temperature environment. Such as the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals would be broken down. The color and taste will also be changed.

3. Don’t eat more than 100ml of honey per day. Cause the glucose and fructose is a monosaccharide, which can be absorbed into the blood directly. If one person eats too much a day, his blood glucose will rise rapidly. After a while, it may cause insufficient insulin secretion and diabetes even worse.

4. Sweet food can stimulate excessive secretion of gastric acid that would damage the gastric mucosa. The one who often drinks honey water on an empty stomach will catch gastric ulcers.

5. Eating honey after a meal is not good for digestion, which may lead to kinds of stomach illness.

6. Don’t eat honey via the metal tumbler. Honey is an acidic liquid, and oxidizing reactions will happen if it touches the metal. More free metallic elements such as Fe, Pb, Al, etc. will be produced in this process. If someone eats the honey, he will get these symptoms including stomachache, diarrhea, vomiting.

  7. Caution! Honey is harmful to these people: toddlers, diabetic, patients with cirrhosis.



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