Hi Girls, These Exercises Keep You Away from Fat

Hi girls, are you strapped at home to follow quarantine regulations? Something like dating with your friends, outing, and the party becomes so hard. But you’re great cause you are protecting your family and doing something for your country. However, our fat may don’t understand that, and they even try to grow once the farthest distance we can go to is the yard. Today, let’s do some exercises like the below courses to burn them off. In this way, a curvy figure belongs to you.

Deep squat

If you prefer a slender waist and booty, a deep squat is the most effective. The models of Victoria’s Secret and well-built superstars keep doing squat at home each week. Deep squat doesn’t have a strict request for the place, you can do in your room or kitchen. The most important advantage is you can do it alone, 30 squats each time, three times a day. Around 30 days, you’ll see the apparent difference from the shape at the beginning. And attention below tips about how to squat correctly.

  • Split your feet as wide as your shoulder.
  • Holding arms flat or across the chest.
  • Keep your body balance by the force from your heel.
  • Squat your body back slowly until your thigh is parallel to the floor.


If you want to lose weight, a plank is the best choice absolutely. Many people share their successful experiences on Facebook, cause they benefit from it. If you’re patient enough, it will bring you unbelievable feedback. Below are the tips to do a plank correctly.

  • Prepare a Yoga mat. Bend your elbows to keep your forearms close to the floor.
  • Put your feet on the floor, keep your head, shoulder, back, and crotch ankle on the same level.
  • Tighten your stomach and hip part. Keep your eyes on the forward floor, breathe equably.


Yoga would make your body soft, slim, and improve temperament. You can enjoy Yoga with music, which is good for body shape and losing weight. Same as the plank, you need enough patience, you need to insist for one month at least. Here we share some easy courses.

Chair pose

  • Stand in mountain pose, split feet as wide as hip
  • Inhale, raise your arms overhead; Exhale, bend your hip and knee
  • Sit your buttocks down, feel like sitting in a chair
  • Lift your chest, broaden your collar bones and side waist
  • Hold this pose for 5~8 slow breaths

Triangle pose

  • Split feet as double shoulder width, raise your arms on your side
  • Inhale, turn your right foot 90 degrees to the right.
  • Exhale, bend your body to the right side, put your palm behind the right foot.
  • Turn your neck to the upper left, keep your palm forward, see your left hand
  • Hold this pose for 5~8 slow breaths
  • Inhale, restore your body, next do the other side as above

Cobra pose

  • Lie supine, put hands on the sides of the chest
  • Split feet as wide as your hip, inhale and extend the spine
  • Lift chest, straighten your arms slowly
  • Keep your eyes forward
  • keep this pose 5~8 breaths

Bridge pose

  • Lie supine, bend knees, split feet as wide as hip
  • Put your hands on the sides of the body, and put your palm on the floor
  • Lift hip, extend collarbone when inhaling
  • Keep thigh parallel, legs are perpendicular to the floor
  • Keep this pose 5~8 breaths

Any exercise courses need your persistence and patience, gather your mom and sisters to have an “exercise party”. If you think you have more interests in other exercises, find them on Top Virtual Workout Platforms to Try in 2020.

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