Do you suffer from constipation?

Commonly, most office workers need to keep a sitting posture for around 8 hours per day, which is a major cause of constipation for them. Constipation is not a big problem but easily neglected by the office workers.

Over time they will have the following symptoms:

  • Aggravate general diseases such as mental disorder(the patients would be nervous, sleepless, dizzy, and nauseous because of long-term constipation) and cardio-cerebrovascular diseases(cause straining during bowel movements would make the blood pressure raise 30~50 millimeter of mercury that increase the burden of heart and cerebral vessels).
  • Anorectal diseases.
  • Disorder navel and stomach function.
  • Abnormal diarrhea.
  • Multiple stomachaches.
  • stercoral ulcer.
  • Increase rectal cancer and breast cancer.

In brief, we can’t ignore constipation from now on and start to purge.

The below factors also cause constipation:

  1. Daily diet

Some people, especially the women are too delicate in the diet to intake sufficient staple food, fruits, and vegetables. So there would be little residues to produce the bowel movement.

  1. Bowel habit

Some people choose to hold the bowel movements until they’re free when they are busy with other stuff, which causes the bowel movements to disappear. Some people take too long to poop because they focus their attention on the mobile phone or newspaper.

  1. Lack of exercise and drinking

Most office workers like to sit at home even though they are off duty, without any exercise. This habit can’t make their stomach move to help digestion. Additionally, the gut would absorb the water inside the excrement if people don’t drink enough water. Then the excrement would become too hard to defecate.

According to the above causes, how to improve constipation?

  1. Regular diet

Fibre is one of the critical factors that could improve bowel movements. Such as celery, whole grains, and sweet potatoes are especially high in fibre to promote gastrointestinal motility. So the first tip is to try to eat more food high in fiber.

  1. Develop a good bowel habit

Make the time to defecate although it’s difficult at the beginning. Try some defection medicine to help you. As time goes by, this habit could be developed successfully. If possible, don’t take any electronic products, newspapers, or books to the toilet.

  1. More exercises and more drinking

Exercise such as swimming and jogging can help to stimulate the movement of the stomach and intestines. Meanwhile, drinking enough water can keep the gut moist to improve constipation.

  1. Relax

Chronic depression would lead to the blocking of blood circulation that would slow the movement of the stomach and intestines. So don’t make anything unpleasant to stop the defecation. Otherwise, it would bring more and more troubles.

  1. Supplement prebiotics

Regarding prebiotics, the WHO defined it as a certain number of living microorganisms that are useful to human health. Inulin, FOS, and GOS is recognized as the natural prebiotics in the sciences. Prebiotics can help to adjust and keep the balance of intestinal flora that is very convenient for the busy office workers. But do remember to follow the correct instructions to avoid waste efforts or being addicted to prebiotics.

Kindly note the following tips need your long-term persistence and good daily habit. This small problem may result in serious disease. Let’s stop the misfortune from the beginning.

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