Crazy for These Big-Name Gadgets

Kylie posted a series of images with her baby Stormi. This happy moment and Kylie’s charming body shape impressed us. But I believe most people may also look at all those Chanel logos with radiant eyes. Yes, the total equipment is from Chanel, even the tennis ball.


Let’s see the selling price on their official website

  • a normal tennis ball is priced at $795. Kylie’s custom pink ball should be more expensive.

  • A pair of tennis rackets are price at $4999

Well, this post valued at $12000 with the sportswear- a conservative estimate. All I can say is we can’t imagine how crazy for the rich’s life. The luxury brands have launched some weird derivatives cause they know there are always some people paying for them. For example, the Chanel Boomerang priced at $1325, Jeffree Star bought it and posted the picture at INS: “Having so much fun with my new #Chanel Boomerang#”

Those big-name brands have much weird stuff. We have collected some on this page for your reference, let’s buy as our please if you’re interested in any one of them.


Besides the above tennis equipment, Chanel also designed basketball and surfboard.

  • Chanel basketball is the price of $2100. The Chinese famous artist Jay Zhou bought one, the Classic Flap metal chain make this basketball more unique.

  • Surfing is regarded as a noble sport. Chanel won’t miss this market. So they launched a new surfboard this year. Matte blackboard with a Chanel logo and the bottom is based on a silk diamond pattern that is the same as the bag, which makes it value $8900.



Louis Vuitton is good at leather products, which must be one of the volleyball’s advantages.


For example, these colorful and patchwork-pattern volleyball. The consumers said this ball was very cool to touch. Even the reticular package is very chic, that’s Louis Vuitton’s style. The price is $2860.

This delicate dumbbell will make you become the focal point in the gym. The price is $2860.

And this leather jump rope is valued at $705.


Tiffany is a leader to bring luxury into our daily life, it has done ”Everyday Luxury” successfully.

If you want to give your girl a plush doll, why not choose Tiffany Steiff, which is priced at $400.

Wow, this pure silver yo-yo is also designed by Tiffany. The price is $310.

The total pair of table tennis with classical Tiffany blue looks very beautiful. I would love table tennis very much if I can own a pair of Tiffany table tennis.

A pair of classical Tiffany blue poker suit with chips(price: $2750), can you still control yourself not to buy one?

After trying kinds of products for leisure and entertainment, Tiffany even tried instrument. Does the harmonica made of pure silver impress you? The price ($395) is the most affordable compared to other products.

If you have such a piggy bank, do you have the brave to break it down when you want to take out all the money you have saved? I have to say it’s more like artwork with classical Tiffany blue.

Does this bubble toy catch your eyes? A silver bubble toy priced at $250 makes me feel the bubbles are more glossy.

Why the big-name brands designed such stuff that is far from their mainstream? We think there are three following reasons:

  • Diverse development. Consumers’ demands become more diverse, the luxury brands are trying to develop into every aspect of a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Attract more young people’s interests.
  • Improve the art value of their brand.

These big-name brands lead the global fashion market. However, these Top New Trends Will Reshape Luxury After Corona Crisis. Let’s pay attention to their changes.

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