Covid-19 Lockdown Hack: How To Have Fun While You #StayHome

The COVID-19 pandemic has reached most of the parts of the world with over 1 million people infected by the virus across the world. This has forced a lot of major cities to shut down activities and place their citizens indoors. Who would have ever thought that someday, virtually the whole world would be indoors; not because of war, but because of a virus?

Well, COVID-19 has done the unexpected, and right now, the only vaccine against the virus is to #StayAtHome.

While staying at home for a day or two can be fine, staying at home for weeks can be really depressing. You cannot hang out with friends (in some places, not even your next-door neighbour), cannot go to the movies or the park. Your life is basically boxed and restricted to your house and your family.

Instead of allowing depression and boredom ruin your life, here are 7 ideas for you to have fun and be productive while you stay at home.

Learn something new

Believe it or not, this is the best time to learn something new, and there is so much that you can learn while at home. While learning may seem boring to some folks, it can actually be a lot of fun depending on what you are learning and how you are learning. Youtube has made itself the king in this space; you can basically learn anything. From new skills to new habits, this is the best time to learn something really cool. And by the way, you basically have all the time right now.

Play games

Games are not just activities we do to whirl away time. They give our brains the necessary exercises needed to further develop and not remain dormant. Indoor games such as chess, card games, scrabbles and many more are very good ways of having fun while keeping your brain active. This is going to be even more fun if you staying home with your family. Playing games with family is even more fun as you get to connect more with your family.

Try yoga

Yoga helps in building strength, awareness and harmony in the mind and body. By practising yoga, you can improve your fitness and mental health. Yoga mostly includes breathing exercises, meditation, and assuming postures that help in stretching and flexing the muscles. You can always check Youtube for video instructions and tutorials

Baking and cooking

There is no better time to try out your cooking skills than during a lockdown. The only person(s) that would see how good or bad your meals are will be you and your family. So your secret is safe. Either way, it also presents a great opportunity to develop those skills and become better in the kitchen. Youtube can be your best friend to learn new recipes. You can also download cookery books online and train yourself to be a better cook.

Learn a foreign language

You really cannot run out of new things to learn. And learning a foreign language is not just fun, it could turn out to be beneficial to you after the lockdown is over. There are free courses online where you can learn any language of your choice. You can also find videos on Youtube with great instructors on any language of your choice.

Have an in-house karaoke night

Who doesn’t like to have some fun at night? Rather than mourn over the fact that you cannot go to your favourite club, you can bring the club experience home with an in-house karaoke night. It might not give you the exact replica of your club experience, but it can come close to it. You can add the extra lighting effect to further give you the feeling of being in the club. And if you have your family with you, it is even better. You can have so much fun singing along to your favourite songs as a family.

Read a good book

Reading books is a habit that is as old as time itself and still remains one of the best ways to spend time productively. And if it is a good book like it should be, you could have some fun reading too. Reading novels can provide better alternatives to watching movies because it saves your eyes the stress of screen time which can actually damage your eyes.

While we are hopeful that the pandemic comes to an end soon, we can at the same time make the best use of the time we have to connect better with our families, get rid of negative habits, learn new positive habits and become better persons by the time it is all over, while still having so much fun.

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