Are Human Hair Wigs Expensive? Several Factors Affecting The Price Of Wigs

Wigs are a popular choice for those who want to change their look. They come in various shapes, colors, and textures. A wide range of wigs on the market can be bought at affordable prices.

Wig beginners frequently feel completely lost when attempting to get a wig but discover that the prices vary widely. Choosing the best option is quite tricky, and it becomes much more difficult when someone comments on a product we are trying to purchase by claiming that she or he has purchased a far less expensive option elsewhere.

Since wigs are not standardized, there are no clear criteria by which to determine if a wig is acceptable or not. But don’t worry; in this article, we’ll discuss the key variables that affect wig pricing, making it easier for you to select the most appropriate one.

Human Hair wigs


Are human hair wigs expensive?

If they are made entirely of natural hair, human hair wigs can be pretty pricey, but they are definitely worth the money! Costs for human hair wigs range from $700 to $3000. Synthetic and human hair mixed wigs are less expensive yet of poorer quality.
Nothing is better when we realize we’re having a terrific hair day! Every day can be a good hair day with wigs. But how much should you spend on gorgeous hair? Here are a few crucial considerations to bear in mind when you make your choice:

Not every human hair wig is made equal:

Regarding how natural your hair feels and appears, premium features like lace front and human hair may make all the difference. However, just because one feature costs more than another does not mean that it is the best option for you. Of course, you want to be able to get human hair of the highest quality possible if you’re going to do so. But remember the look you were going for if you want bangs or a hat over your head.

What you pay is the price. What you receive has value.

Did you know it might take up to 30 hours to manufacture a nice cap? Each hand-made design is meticulously crafted to ensure that wearing your favorite, adorable look feels as comfortable as wearing nothing.

Avoid lengthy sessions in the chair at the salon; it’s priceless.

Consider how much time you wasted at the last salon. Do you still feel anxious about getting the cut right? When they didn’t, was it uncomfortable to tell oneself, “It’s just a haircut”? And occasionally, it works out well. However, it’s a risk. You can always have flawless hair with a superb win!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look gorgeous!

Higher-end wigs aim to give you the perfect salon look without visiting one. Your desired style is achieved. But occasionally, our budgets don’t allow for everything we want. Don’t be concerned… You don’t need to make concessions. Modern synthetic fiber is pretty remarkable, and if the wig is made of high-quality fiber, it may be very difficult to tell it apart from human hair. Furthermore, human hair wigs are not your sole option because premium synthetic hair has a density and texture resembling human hair. To determine the best option for you, compare the differences between synthetic and human hair.

Factors affect the price of wigs.

Human hair wig

1. Hair Composition

Human hair and synthetic hair are the two types of hair that are most commonly used in wigs.
Human hair wigs come in various styles, including those created from Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, and Brazilian hair. These are categorized based on where we obtained the hair or the country. The price is primarily affected by the hair’s virginity rather than its origin.

“Virgin” refers to human hair without any chemical processing, including bleaching, perming, dyeing, and other standard procedures. If the hair has experienced any of the aforementioned procedures, it will be labeled as Remy’s hair.

Naturally, virgin human hair will cost more than Remy’s hair since it is more robust, can be colored bright colors, and produces results that are not as dry as Remy’s hair.
For constant waves and regular heat styling, human hair wigs are preferable. Conversely, monofilament fiber “hair” found in synthetic wigs keeps its waves or curls without needing restyled. Straighteners and curling irons, though, can harm synthetic wigs unless they are “heat-friendly.” The price of synthetic wigs is not very high. Buying new clothes or wigs is more affordable when you are sick of your current look.

2. Hair Length:

Hair length is an apparent aspect that impacts wig prices; longer hair takes longer to grow and will cost more and more because girls are likely to alter their hairstyles more frequently as economies in all countries develop, making long hair rarer and rarer.

3. Cap Development

Different cap constructions need varying amounts of manual labor. Because of this, you may occasionally find that a synthetic wig is even more expensive than a human hair wig.

In the market, there are primarily three types of cap structures.

(1) A wig with a whole lace cap structure is the most expensive kind since the entire head of hair is hand knotted to the lace cap, allowing you to part the hair as naturally as your natural hair.

(2) The 360 lace cap is a cleverly constructed cap with lace around the circumference. In addition to enabling you to free part in the front, it also enables you to wear it in a high ponytail by gluing down the lace around the neck, much like the complete lace cap.

(3) Full lace cap wigs are more expensive; lace front cap wigs are less expensive. It will be considerably more expensive when the hand-tied lace section is more extensive. However, prices are still variable depending on the size of the lace front part.

4. Density of Hair

The density of the hair tells us how much hair is needed to construct a wig; the more inches are utilized, the more expensive the wig. But how can we judge if the density of the hair is sufficient for our purchase? The amount of hair sewn into each lace hole can be used to determine the hair density. For pre-plucked hairline wigs, there is significantly less hair sewn along the hairline than in other areas of the wig to create a more natural hairline.

As a result, we can select the wig density using the hair density chart. Here is a chart of density from

Please be aware that not all wig makers have the same density chart, similar to the size chart for clothing or shoes, as we previously indicated, because wigs are not a standard product.

5. Wig Business

The four key factors we listed above are not the only ones that affect wig prices; every wig company has a distinct operating budget.

6. Other Elements

The profit margins, promotions, and other things are additional factors.

Therefore, if we hope to find the perfect wig while staying within our budget, we must be very clear about our primary needs.

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