9 Classical Moves for The Office Workers to Keep Healthy

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has broken out all over the world, most people realize the importance of building a healthy physical condition. Under a regular commute, it’s really hard for the office workers to go to the gym. Fortunately, many personal trainers, gyms, and studios have been sharing some free health fitness tips online that people can do at home. Here we collect 9 classical moves to help the office workers to exercise at home.


  1. Both hands supporting the ground, keep the feet shoulder-width apart, hold the posture of the plank. Avoid back curved, bottom stuck up, and shrug.
  2. Hold the neck the same level as the shoulder, don’t incline along with the body.
  3. When the body falls, hold the elbow joint inward. This can improve the results of fitness.


  1. Lie face-up on an exercise mat, put the feet hip-width apart, with the tiptoes forward.
  2. Lift the body to the top through the abdominal muscles, then slowly fall.


  1. Hold the posture of pushups, stretch out slowly the right foot from the side of the body, then put it beside the right hand. Return, and change the left foot to do the same moves.
  2. During this total process, hold the posture of pushups.
  3. Don’t let the shoulders lean to the side of the stretching foot, hold and squeeze the buttocks.


  1. Firstly hold the posture of pushups, use the right hand to slap slightly the left shoulder, next use the left hand to slap the right shoulder.
  2. During the total process, hold the correct posture, keep the core parts of the body straight and tight.
  3. Don’t move the center of mass of your body optionally.


  1. Stand with feet within shoulder-width or hip-width apart, keep the body balanced with tiptoes slightly turned out.
  2. Keep chest out, look slightly upwards.
  3. Make sure the knee and tiptoes are in a straight line in the vertical direction.
  4. Squat until the leg and thigh at 90 degrees or lower. During this process, don’t let the knee go over the tiptoes.
  5. Keep the heels on the ground. Don’t move the center of mass of the body to the tiptoes.


  1. Look forward with chest out, keep the center of mass of the body on the mid or hind feet.
  2. Check the distance of side lunges according to the balance of the body. Don’t let the knee go over the tiptoes.


  1. Squat down until the thighs are parallel to the floor, look forward with chest out.
  2. When doing the squat, stretch the legs flatly and straightly. Throw the arms behind the body when ready to jump.
  3. Try to jump the highest. Exhale when jumping, fall lightly.
  4. During the squat, don’t let the knee go over the tiptoes and don’t lift the heels.


  1. According to the picture, firstly squat into the lowest point with the right leg 90 degrees on the ground.
  2. Keep the balance of the body on the two feet.
  3. Fall slightly, don’t land on the knee.
  4. After jumping, change another leg.


  1. Keep the back straight, squeeze the core parts.
  2. Lift one of the legs flatly and straightly backward, with the tiptoes downward. During this process, remember to lift the hips together.
  3. Keep the body and the lifted leg on a straight line. Look forward always.
  4. After a group of moves, change another leg.
























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