6 Tips to Certify The Authenticity of Your Gucci

Gucci is well-known all over the world. One person who pursuits luxury must have a bag designed by Gucci. Gucci is an Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods, which is established by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. Until 2020, Gucci is one of the Luxury Handbags for Women. Because of its unique creativity and innovation, Gucci operates hundreds of directly operated stores worldwide.

Gucci could be used as an adjective to describe something of a high price or great quality or something that looks beautiful, referencing the brand’s high retail costs and fame in the fashion industry, although without any advice that the item is made from Gucci. Yes, we can see this brand’s market positioning and price level, which is a turnoff for many people. But it never stops people’s desire to buy one at an affordable cost, that’s why many markets selling fake goods come out. Commonly, they told consumers they have special access to the original factory of Gucci and they can get reliable goods but at a lower price. Or some of them buy Gucci from the buying agent. We have to know the truth that the probability of Gucci’s imitation is the champion in the luxury circles.

In conclusion, it’s really essential to certify the authenticity of your Gucci if you don’t but it from directly operated stores.

Leather Brand

Attached are the comparison pictures. The edge of the letter of the imitation on the left is so fuzzy seriously that looks unsightly. However, like an authentic bag on the right, it should have a clear delicate stamped Gucci logo.

Tiger Decoration

The tiger’s ears should be close to the head as authentic Gucci on the left, not erected outwards as the fake Gucci on the right.

What’s more, the crafts and details of the fake Gucci can’t be totally the same as the authentic. From the attached picture, we can see their difference: the tiger on the authentic Gucci is lively rather than poor workmanship like the left.

Checking Card

There is a checking card inside the Gucci bag. At the bottom of the checking bag a row of Arabic numerals, any one of them must be chipped. For example, the lower right corner of the number”5” has broken.

Logo Gucci

For example, the “double-G” logo is made from complex textile processes, so the texture is very clear, rather than irregular.

Besides the “double-G”, the openings of the letter “G” and ”C” on the leather bag are small and the left side of the letter ”U” is thicker than the right side. All the logo “Gucci” should be the same whatever the outside box, instruction, or bag.

Metal Chain

Because of poor workmanship, the metal chains of the fake Gucci is so light that the chains seem hollow inside. However, the truth is the chains should heavier. When you get the Gucci bag, you may feel that the chains are heavier than the body of the bag. Then it’s more likely to be authentic.

The Details of Five Metals

If a real Gucci bag, the plating of the metal parts are even, smooth and glossy. But a fake Gucci bag, there are lots of problems on the metal parts including brush, uneven lettering, thin plating, etc although they seem glossy.

In order to make your Gucci bag deserve the cost, let’s learn some professional tips to certify the authenticity of your Gucci.

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