6 Loverly Haircuts with Layers for Busy Women

Shaggy haircuts with layers that are trending nowadays are presented in this post, and we think that you lucky to read it. Why? Well, it’s simple. Because right after seeing all that beauty you will have no difficulty in choosing your next haircut. Probably you will even phone your hair stylist and book an appointment before you even close the browser.

1. Short Layered Hair

Hair stylists consider shaggy layered short haircuts to be quite versatile, and we totally agree with them this time. Babe, what can be better than a haircut that is versatile and in trend?

2. Shaggy Haircuts on Medium Hair

Shaggy medium layered haircuts have something in store for every hair texture. Is your hair fine? Then you can instantly liven it up by opting for a haircut with the layered crown. So simple!

3. Long Shaggy Haircuts with Layers

And ladies with thicker tresses will fall in love with layered shags the moment they try one. They will notice that their tresses become more defined, especially when styled with texturizing mousse or gel.

4. Shaggy Haircuts for Your Distinctive Style

Shags that have longer layers allow for movement as well as texture without losing much volume of your hair. Opt for one of these haircuts if your tresses have medium density and texture.

5. Cool and Trendy Layered Hair

This season the most influential hair stylists recommend styling your layered shag in a messy, bed-hair manner. Thus, your image will be carefree and super seductive at the same time. All eyes will be on you.

6. Medium Layered Hair

Women adore adding layers to their haircuts because layers can make the hair hues play. Look at these hairstyles. Don’t you agree?

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