5 Best Tips for a Natural Makeup

Foundation is the basis of natural makeup. The secret of being delicate, lasting, and perfect is what girls always pursue. An experienced makeup artist will let skin feel good and look natural after foundation application, leaving people around you to believe that you don’t even have a blemish on your face, like a healthy glass skin!

However, makeup is no longer a mystery. Skills that lead to a natural visage should not be shrouded. Here are five tips extracted by a makeup timeline that will help you get a better finish. Let’s take a look.

  1. Foundation Color Shade Matters

First of all, you have to choose the right color shade. Understand your skin, try not to choose a color too different from your skin color to avoid the awkwardness you will face later.

When you can test the foundation at the store, evaluate the color by your skin. Avoid to make up face and neck color to be out of touch. Therefore, the proper place to test the foundation is the skin around your masticatory muscles. A perfect foundation will present your makeup a natural look that blends the skin color of the face and neck well.

  1. Prep Your makeup Carefully

To avoid a tediously greasy look, clean your face with the right product is a first and foremost process before applying your foundation. This step can also determine whether the pore problem in your face is obvious or not. Don’t clean your skin casually to save time. Skin can be extremely dirty after rushing about outside, especially when you are wearing makeup.

After cleaning, you should moisturize your face. Apply an appropriate amount of lotion across your face according to your skin condition. Also bear in mind that different skin type requires different cream formulation–we will extend on that in later sharings. 🙂


  1. Try Different Foundation Applicators

When applying foundation, you might need different tools according to your demand. The tool suits you best can be your loyal friend, but how to pick it up is still tricky to figure out.

When you choose a brush, you can pick up the foundation with the tips of the bristles, start in the middle of your face, then diffuse the makeup by twirling and tapping the brush to full coverage. If you opt for a stream-free and airbrushed finish, I urge you to choose a sponge, which is the favorite of many YouTubers. When using this little soft stuff, you need to saturate it in water, then squeeze out the excess. This process will get you a smooth visage. Besides well-known brushes and sponges, some experienced makeup artists even use their warm hands to melt the foundation into the skin.

  1. Use Substitute

Primer has the effect that corrects the color of skin. Compared to the foundation, the primer is lighter to use commonly. To get a more natural look, there is a trick for you: blend foundation and primer in palm evenly, tap it around the face by the normal method, and push gently with finger abdomen. In this way, you combine and obtain the advantage of both the primer and foundation. You also need to be careful about the basic makeup around the nose and labial area. You don’t want to be flaky, melt the cosmetic into your skin.

Concealer will be of help as well. All the annoying zits, scars or dots could disappear with proper use of concealer. A good product with a lightweight formula can also cover up your dark circle without presenting a heavy texture. The different color shade of the concealer can also function as a contour. Concealer is practical, but the usage amount and range of concealer still should be controlled. Don’t apply too much as you don’t want to look cakey.

  1. Make Your Foundation Last Longer

To make your makeup stay on, you need the spray or setting powder to dust over the T-zone. It is especially the case when it is a hot summer when the annoying sweat harms your delicate visage. Choose the right powder with formula suits your skin type will help you grab a flawless look. Some of these products even can shield your skin from sun rays while coming with a money-worth price tag.

Here are the tricks for you. After letting the foundation stay on the face a few minutes, press your face gently with a paper towel, absorb redundant grease. Then brush again next on loose powder to set makeup. You also need a fluffy powder brush which does the blending for professional results.

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