48 Long Hairstyles That You Can Try This Winter

Keep yourselves warm with these hairstyles which are hot in rage this winter. Ring in the New Year with these exotic hairdos. Wear them and you are sure to get your style enhanced. We list out 48 hairstyles which you can try if you wear the hair long; longer tresses, sexier the options.

1. Braid like Waves:
The braid like waves flows in an exquisite rhythm with ombre blackish tinge over the light golden hair. The soft loose bangs at the front make the style exotic.

2. Braid in Braid:
Try braiding a mini braid and then braiding a bigger braid over it. It’s sexy and elegant.

3. Ombre Sleek Ponytail:
The sleek ponytail is sexy and smart. The hairdo can be worn for a formal event.

4. Messy Ponytail-Braid:
This messy ponytail braid is the best option for those who have long hair. The messy look gives a casual detail to this intricate hairdo.

5. Black Box Braid Ponytail:
Gather the mini box braids together and make a ponytail out of them. Simple!

6. Knotted Half Up:
The knotted half up hairstyle is neat and stylish. The hairdo is simply elegant and elite to wear. The style is a little tricky but thumbs up from us to wear it for a New Year’s party.

7. Vintage Golden Curls:

The curls dazzle with shine. They are neatly textured and pretty to look at. The hairdo has a very vintage touch to it, but a must try to ring the next years.

8. Ombre Spiral Curls:
These spiral shaped curls which mark the lower part of the hair give it a very distinctive striking appeal. The hairdo looks glamorous with deep rimmed kohl eyes and red lips.

9. Puffed Sleek:
The puffy sleek hairstyle is stylish and uptown. The hairdo is extremely perky with the rimmed fluffy style near the forehead.

10. Dark Brown Shaded Curls:
These curls radiate a very exotic appeal. The style is charming and classic. The side waves are inspired from the 40’s.

11. Blonde Vintage Essence:
The blonde style is softer than the earlier vintage classics.

12. Sleek Chestnut Brown:
The chestnut brown sleek hairdo is styled in fine layers, which look formal and elegant. The style is neat and attractive.

13. Beehive Hairdo:
The beehive hairdo is inspired by the 60’s. The style is alluring.

14. Blonde Braided Headband:
This blonde braided headband enhances the thick wavy tresses and exudes a refined style. The style posses a thick shine which adds to the beauty of the coif.

15. Thick Blonde Messy Braid:
The hairstyle is a thick blonde messy braid flaunted on the side. The hairdo is extremely chic thanks to the fringed bangs in the front. It has a very casual appeal to it.

16. Sleeky Blonde Layers:
The blonde stepped layered style is rather trendy. The sleek layers give a very precise essence to the hairdo when done with an edgy touch.

17. Wet Curls:
The wet curls are pretty and elegant. The hairdo has a messy effect which enhances the curls beautifully; wear it for the next house party.

18. Curled Out Waves:
These wavy edges give an ombre feel and are usually curled out flatly. The style is best suited for a New Year’s outing.

19. Bright Ombre Sleek Layers:
The ombre sleek layers are perky and cool. The style is punky and chic. Wear it for that extra edge.

20. Bouncy Side Waves:
The bouncy wavy style is chic and stylish. The hairdo is pretty and sexy. The hairdo looks gorgeous when teamed with red luscious lipstick.

21. Golden Messy Side Braid:
The messy braid is sported on the side and is extremely chic and smart. The last minute style looks perfect for that New Year date.

22. Side Shaved:
The side shaved do is perky and cool. Shave one side and flaunt the long mane on the other. The hairdo is definitely worth it.

23. Gentle Waves:
The wavy hairdo is extremely gentle and soft with long curly ombre bangs contouring the eyes and cheeks. The bangs give an extremely chic shape to the wavy hairdo.

24. Black Straight Hair with a Side Part:
The black straight hair is rather distinctive and extremely stylish. The hairdo is simple to create and maintain. If you are blessed with naturally straight hair, then this hairstyle would be the best to flaunt.

25. Blonde Flat Curled Out Edges:
The hairdo is marked by stylish flatly curled out edges at the lower end with strong layers at the top.

26. The Thick Bangs:
The thick bangs drape lustrously over the eyes and give a whimsical twist to this thickly layered hairdo. The texture is soft and shiny with blonde hue.

27. Long Shiny Wavy:
The quirky side part allows the hair to fall over the eyes. The reddish brown hue also complements this shiny hairdo with bed curls.

28. Big Half Up Hairdo:
The half up features the crown section lifted up in the beehive style and tied with a bow hair accessory. The style blushes of cheer and happiness.

29. Side tie up:
The blonde hairdo has a tied up side with rest of the hair left open. The quirky rope like tie up is done on one side taking one section of the hair and it is secured with pins.

30. Chestnut Brown Trimmed Hair:
The hair is straight and very subtly tousled. With a deep mid part the style is extremely chic and refined.

31. Rose Knotted Ponytail:
The knots are like roses which blend into a pretty sleek ponytail. You should be an expert to make these knots and yes they do turn out very pretty and distinctive.

32. Black Mini Braided Curls:
The mini braids are done from the top and then secured with pins. The mini braids are then decorated with small butterfly pins.

33. Unsecured Long Braid:
The unsecured long braid is incredibly chic and stylish. The braid has a laid back feel to it yet deserves red carpet applause.

34. The Big Blonde Chignon:
The big blonde chignon is elegant. The chignon is weaved beautifully and looks as if it is secured by itself without pins!

35. Deeply Coiled Bun:
The deeply coiled bun has a braid gathered into a deep coil. The bun looks like a similar spiral cloud in the sky.

36. Braided Half Up:
Do a French braid on both the sides and then merge into a half up style.

37. Blonde Fringed Headband:
The blonde fringed headband is exquisitely pretty and beautiful. The style is just elegant and has a very Victorian and contemporary blend to it.

38. Braid One Side:
Just make one French braid from the side with a wavy touch and secure it behind with pins. Leave the hair on the other side open and contour your face. The style is just gorgeous.

39. Black Jasmine Ponytail:
This ponytail resembles the hairdo sported by Disney Princess Jasmine.

40. Black Neat Tight Thin Braid:
The thin braid is braided neatly in the fish braid style. The style is dressed up all tidy and tight. The hairdo is trendy and precise.

41. The Plaited Blonde Big Bun:
The plaited big bun is has the bouffant feel to it with the thick French braid at the front giving it a chic detail. You end up looking like a diva.

42. Hemmed Braid:
The French braid hems the hairline at the front giving the hairdo a very crown like detail. It’s elegant and sophisticated with a boho appeal.

43. Blonde Medium Base Bun:
The medium base bun is dressed up tight and secured. The hairdo is just right for a very classy and uptown style.

44. French Bun:
The French bun is stylish and timeless. The bun can just transform you from ordinary to a diva in no time.

45. Blonde High Knot:
The shiny blonde bun is pretty and chic enhanced with the red earrings. The style is just perfect for a classic runway showdown or elite party.

46. Ombre Top Knot:
This very tight top knot bun is right on the crown displaying ombre shades and is not shiny but gives out a very authoritative vibe.

47. Huge Bun:
This huge bun is simple yet has a very vintage feel to it. The style looks like a blend of classic and modern in this style.

48. Rolled In Bun:
The rolled in bun is extremely chic and unique. The style gives a very quirky feel since its rolled into a bun.






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