36 Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair can also be styled in different chic ways to make you look gorgeous on the ‘D’ day. It’s not that short hair would be a boring deal for your wedding.

We list out 36 different bridal hairstyles for short hair for you to try out and wear.

1.  Blunt Charming Bob:

Blunt Charming Bob

This neat and charming bob would never be out of fashion. With the classic touch and cheek length side styled bangs, the blunt bob gives an exceedingly pretty appeal.

2. Feathered Fringe Bob:

Feathered Fringe Bob

The feathered fringe combined with tousled wavy layers makes the bob give a carefree and happy image. The darker roots with blonde color give the chic street style touch. The fringe gives a tender touch to the sharp facial features.

3. Tosuled Bob:

Tosuled Bob

This bob does not seem to have a clear cut defined shape. The bob has heavy layers at the top followed by thinner layers at the sides and bottom. The layers are highlighted in caramel and the style is dressed in a side part.

4. Jennifer Lawrence’s Tousled Short Bob:

 Jennifer Lawrence’s Tousled Short Bob

Jennifer Lawrence wears this subtly tousled dry textured bob with long wavy bangs touching the eyes subtly giving a sexy twirl. The bob is dual toned with darker roots and lighter hues on the edges.

5. Tousled Frizzy Bob:

Tousled Frizzy bob

This frizzy wet textured tousled bob has a casual yet elegant feel. The bob with the messy appearance gels well with the soft and pink make-up. The style is just right for a beach wedding.

6. Platinum High Wavy Bob:

Platinum High Wavy Bob

This deep platinum wavy bob has wavy layers with the front bangs being styled to one side to give it a slight retro touch. The layers are heavy and denser on the top and lower and lesser as we progress down to the nape of the neck. The style is elegant and chic with shiny pink lips.

7. Black Ruffled Pixie:

Black Ruffled Pixie

The ruffled hair pixie has gives a relaxed and sunny feel. The style is simple yet elegant and perfect for a wine yard outdoor wedding.

8. Vintage Bouncy Bob:

Vintage Bouncy Bob

This style has free and vintage curls to it. The lower end of the bob blooms like a daffodil while the upper has a retro flair. The bob has a fresh and vivacious vibe to it in spite of the old classic appeal.

9. Side Part Bob:

Side Part bob

The bob has a side part and is defined by back combed front bangs. The edges around the bob are trimmed in small inches in layers. The tousled bob is chic and has an informal appeal to it. Wear this for an outdoor wedding.

10. Pixie with Sleek Side Swept Bangs:

Pixie with Sleek Side Swept Bangs

The pixie has a distinct touch with sleek side swept bangs with long layers extending up to the cheeks. The glittery headband just accentuates the thick layered bangs. The long bangs contour the face and help giving a definitive shape to the face. This is one of the easiest short bridal hairstyles that hardly takes time.

11. Finely Textured Bob:

Finely textured Bob

The finely textured bob has a wavy and curled flair. The bob style consists of thick neatly done hair.

12. Blonde Bob with Headband:

Blonde Bob with Headband

The bob has a very classic and vintage essence to it. The style is smart and though retro inspired still can pass off as a contemporary elegant hairdo.

13. Neat & Finely Sleek Pixie:

Neat & Finely Sleek Pixie

The neat and finely sleek pixie with long layered bangs sexily contours the pretty eyes. Embellish the style with a headband.

14. Side Parted Blonde:

Side Parted Blonde

The neat and sleek style of the blonde bob is pretty. The bob is very subtly tousled and is side parted to give a little more volume to the hair.

15. Super Short Bob:

Super Short Bob

This super short bob is smart and chic with very elegantly curled in edges. The oval shaped bob is pretty and fabulous for an indoor wedding- reception.

16. Short Ponytail Accessorized with a Hat:

Short Ponytail accessorized with a Hat

The short ponytail accessorized with hat gives the ready for wedding impression. If you have a high end elite wedding or even a themed wedding hats are not a bad idea.

17. Thin & Sleek:

Thin & Sleek

The thin ponytail is simple yet looks sophisticated and fits the wedding frame. Wear it with a simple A line dress and look gorgeous.

18. Tousled Side Ponytail:

Tousled Side Ponytail

The tousled side ponytail exudes elegance and sophistication. The style is extremely casual yet pleasing. Go for it and wear it with a bohemian headband to enhance the hairdo.

19. Thin Tousled Ponytail:

Thin Tousled Ponytail

The thin ponytail with a deep middle part gives a composed and calm feel to the style. The hairdo is informal and perfect for a beach party.

20. Ombre Short Side Braid:

Ombre Short Side Braid

The ombre side braid is pretty and chic with a wavy flair. The braid is backcombed with a pretty side braid.

21. Knotty Braid with a Wavy:

Knotty Braid with a Wavy

The knotty braid is elegant and pretty. The style with a knotty braid is different and unique. The pretty braid has an ombre touch and wavy texture.

22. Messy Tousled Bob:

Messy tousled Bob

The messy tousled bob has even edges dyed blonde. The style presents a very informal and untidy style which can look impeccable with a flower headband.

23. Black Side Ponytail with Side Part:

Black Side Ponytail with Side Part

The black side ponytail is crisp and sweet. The side part gives a funky feel to the ordinary hairdo. The style exudes flawless shine.

24. Bouffant and Ponytail:

Bouffant and Ponytail

The hairdo has subtle bouffant with a thin short ponytail. The curly single strand bangs are elegant and trendy. Embellish the hairdo with nice fresh flowers.

25. Fringed Black Short Ponytail:

Fringed Black Short Ponytail

The short ponytail teamed with straight fringe is innocence personified bridal hairstyle for short hair. The style is crisp and precise.

26. Blonde Side Wavy Ponytail:

Blonde Side Wavy Ponytail

The blonde side ponytail has a tousled effect with backcombed bangs. The style is full of tousles and wavy edges. Embellish it with flowers and pearls.

27. Loose Side Braid:

Loose Side Braid

The loose bangs culminate into a thin side braid. The platinum hued braid is extremely stylish and pretty. The hairdo can be decorated with flowers and pearls.

28. Feathered Ponytail:

Feathered Ponytail

The feather cut style gives a different detail to the short tousled ponytail. The leaf like layers are so appealing and playful.

29. Blonde Short Ponytail:

Blonde Short Ponytail

Blonde sleek short ponytail is subtly tousled and gives subtle precision. The style is medium based.

30. Banged Short Ponytail:

Banged Short Ponytail

The blonde ponytail is given a detailed appeal by thick front parted bangs. The is one of the easiest bridal short hairstyles that is fast and perky.

31. Cute Short Ponytail:

Cute Short Ponytail

This cute blonde very short ponytail has wavy-messy texture to it. The style is quick and crisp. The hairdo looks elegant with tender small bangs left untied.

32. Ponytail Pinned:

Ponytail Pinned

The long bangs are pulled back and pinned with hairpins for a neat and sexy hairdo. The tied back bangs give a finger combed touch. The style is formal and of high end fashion.

33. Side Wavy Ponytail:

Side Wavy Ponytail

The deep middle part accentuates the whole short ponytail. The wavy bangs are styled to the side and ponytail again swept to the side.

34. Edgy Short Ponytail:

Edgy Short Ponytail

The edgy wavy short ponytail gives a crisp and sophisticated feel to the hairdo. The hair is again dyed in dual tone.

35. Low Short Ponytail:

Low Short Ponytail

The low short ponytail again has a sleek and tidy texture. The hairdo is precise and well defined.
36. Short Blonde with Whimsical Twist:

Short Blonde with Whimsical Twist

The blonde bob has a posh hairdo with a wavy bang one side which give a whimsical twist to the otherwise plain tousled bob.

So we have listed out 36 simple bridal hairstyles for short hair which you can try out. Please let us know if you would like to suggest more short hair bridal hairstyles. We appreciate user feedback; let us know your views about this article. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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