26 Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair is a benchmark of women’s beauty, especially if your locks are healthy, groomed, cut correctly and styled flatteringly. The abundance of different stylish hairstyles for your poker straight tresses impresses. So how to style your long straight hair in 2018?

Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair
View our selection of the best images, get inspired and be ready to conquer mens’ hearts!

1: Flipped Out Straight Hair
If you’ve got long straight hair then you’re ready to pull off a classic look. Multiple layers give your hairdo some extra body. Use a round brush to build volume and flip the ends out. A deep side part creates a fabulous cascade to one side resolving in a slightly messy but totally elegant style.

2: Neat Long Layers
The ultimate Jennifer Anniston look is multi-layered with face-framing strands. An expertly cut style naturally adds body. Whether your hair is pin straight or has a slight wave, it’s a cut that’s sophisticated and timeless.

3: Braided Parting and Headband
This cute triple braid offers an innovative look with a braided detail that serves as a fancy hair accessory and, at the same time, prevents the front locks from falling into your face.

4: Wide Surface Braid in Silver
Want a new cute idea? Try this wide surface braid! It’s very loose, creating more open loops, almost like a braided loaf. It starts at the top of the head and cascades down the left side to create a unique and fun new look.

5: Side-Parted Burgundy Hairstyle
Fabulous long locks can look more luscious than ever with loosely curled ends. Blow dry the top two thirds of your hair straight. For the bottom portion, use a round brush to add volume to your ends. Or try a thick barreled curling iron on low to medium heat.

6: Long Layers with Golden Waves
Whatever the weather, you can have a summery, sun-kissed glow all year round with a warm beachy blonde color. The depth at the roots makes the bright shade appear natural. A center part and easygoing texture contribute to the ‘girl-next-door’ charm. Style some heatless waves or wear your tresses straight and moving.

7: Face-Framing Sombre
Layers add movement and volume to very long hair, transforming lengths from sweet and girlish to womanly and sophisticated. A trending color technique like hand-painted highlights adds a contemporary touch, while the smooth styling with curled ends feels classically feminine.

8: Textured Ends and Highlights
If you love the shade you were born with but notice it’s gotten duller over the years, highlights are the perfect way to get back the strands of your youth. Removing weight from the ends creates a flared effect that encourages the curl.

9: Long Layered Ombre
Long straight hair is the ideal canvas for creating a gradual fade from brunette to blonde. Style with a round brush and a hairdryer to achieve a smooth finish with cute curved ends. A side part isn’t only elegant, it also softens imperfections and elongates the face.

10: Fishtail-Wrapped Ponytail
The best styling ideas blend a few hairstyles in one, like a fishtail braid and a ponytail. This crown fishtail and pony will shine anywhere from an outdoor wedding to a yoga class. To copy it, leave out a thick section from the front and pull remaining strands into a high ponytail. Weave the reserved hair loosely and wrap around.

11: Brunette Style with Subtle Highlights
If you want a new color but not a drastic change, consider soft face-framing balayage highlights. Placing a brighter color on the underside of your hair creates an illuminated effect. The choppy ends emphasize health of the hair, while subtle layers keep things soft. Styling with a bend reveals the interior.

12: Glossy Hair with Subtle Layering
The best long haircuts for fine-haired ladies add volume without sacrificing thickness. Layering focused through the ends does just that. The solid dark color boosts shine and visual density. A center part and voluminous crown ooze a cool sixties vibe.

13: Feathered Dark Brown Cut
A shag is perfect for long straight hair which can tend to feel a bit lifeless. Parted in the center and styled with a round brush, the bountiful layers have a light, floating movement reminiscent of soft feathers. The espresso hue ties it all together.

14: Half-Up Braided Style
One of the best things about long hair is versatility. Braiding and pinning the front keeps strands out of your face, while leaving the lengths loose. This option works with waterfall braids and fishtails. Inspiring images like this one help to come up with your own variety of a braided half updo.

15: Half-Up Brown Hairstyle
Bronze and caramel hues provide the perfect dose of sparkle on a deep espresso or black background. The finely woven highlights accentuate the elegant draping of this simple style, with just a few inches of braiding. The burnished clip adds a trendy touch.

16: Straight Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs
When going for a bold color it’s best to opt for a simple cut so the effect is interesting, not overwhelming. Crisp lines and blunt edges provide the perfect base to a vivid hue. Magenta and deep purple are great for brunettes who want an unnatural yet sophisticated hair color.

17: Highlights and Curled Ends
It’s easy to get sucked in by trends, but there’s something to be said for timelessness. Blonde highlights and long lengths give life to a beautiful look that never goes out of style. Curling ends away from the face allows layers to flow.

18: Soft Layers with Blended Highlights
Like to keep things classic but want something new? Try invisible layers and scattered highlights. Applying pale hues in woven sections instead of slices gives strands an all-over glimmer. Thin layers that fall like a veil over the longer hair provide subtle movement.

19: Silky Caramel Blonde
The best long hair haircuts add shape without thinning out the ends too much. One way to achieve this balance is by focusing layers around the face. Spicing with highlights a shade lighter emphasizes the silhouette, as does the volumizing blowout.

20: Pretty Flaxen Blonde Shag
Girls with long hair tend to think of fresh styling ideas instead of a cut, but there are lots of reshaping options that won’t sacrifice the length. Bountiful layers create a cute and fashionable coiffure. Tousle to edgy perfection or smooth into soft feathers.

21: Razored Ends and Silky Silver
The avant-garde hue and diffused edges transform this classic long layered hairstyle into something distinctive and futuristic. The glossy gray and thinned ends that flow seamlessly create an effect reminiscent of liquid metal. The subtle asymmetry of a side part is the perfect finishing touch.

22: Sandy Highlights and Soft Ends
Usually the layers of long straight haircuts are snipped in first, and then edges are chopped into a crisp outline. Here, the layers are long and blended with the ends, leaving a diffused exterior. This technique is great for thick hair, and complements hand-painted highlights.

23: Chocolate Brown Layered Haircut
Long straight hairstyles with lots of layers create body and movement. Get chin length layers to frame your face followed by several more layers down the length of your hair.

24: Sharply Angled Hair with Layers
Jennifer Lopez looks breathtaking with her stylish long haircut! It features sharply angled layers throughout the length. If your hair is thick, this haircut will render your locks an appealing silhouette and remove the excessive bulk. When styling your hair, define the ends with a matte wax.

25: Dark Brown Layers with Highlights
Lily Aldridge is irresistible! The light layering of her front locks looks amazing. The structure and silhouette of Lily’s haircut are enhanced by her creative hair color solution. The long golden brown accents refresh her look and define the edges of her haircut. When styling your hair with a blow-dryer and a round brush, curl the ends of your locks outside.

26: Blonde Layered Haircut
Girls with straight hair often complain that their hairstyles lack texture and dimension. But Cara Delevingne’s straight tresses look superb. Her secrets are a layered haircut and bronding coloring that gives the effect of sun-faded locks.

Long hair needs special care. Do not forget about the usage of balms, hair masks, and heat protectants. Besides, it’s very important to choose the right haircut and trim the split ends regularly. Long straight hair is a great base for stylish looks. Try the hairstyles you’ve seen in our review. Most of them are easy to duplicate at home. Be happy, beautiful and stylish!

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