25 Amazing Braids Ideas For Special Occasion

As we can see, braids never go out of style. And among all those varying types of braids, we are always chasing a fresher and even more delicate one. That’s why we love WATERFALL BRAIDS so much:?it’s chic but not cheesy, girly but also romantic.?Trust us, this waterfall braids would definitely ROCK your day.

1. Double Waterfall Braid


If you think the one layer waterfall braid is kind of lonely, just try this simple transformation. Double makes a couple, right??P.S. If you are interested in DIY these pretty waterfall braids, we’ve prepared a video tutorial for you on the last page.

2. Loop Waterfall Braid


You might find the standard waterfall braid a little bit dull when you have straight and thick hair. Here comes this loop waterfall braid, which makes you feel much more delighted and airy.

3. Heart Waterfall Braid


It’s a tremendously cute idea to twist hearts on your hair. How can you resist such a sweet and romantic style?

4. Zigzag Waterfall Braid


We bet you’d fall in love with this sophisticated and intricate zigzag style waterfall braid. It looks just like several streams gathered to form a lively flowing waterfall.

5. Purple Romance


Well, we admit we just made this name up LOL. But isn’t it deeply flirtatious and amorous? Replacing braids with knots plus the dark purple and blue colors, oh, it makes me want to dive into the sparkling night sky.

6. Ice And Fire


Who is ON FIRE? I just envy every girl who has such fiery red hair! And this half-up style makes you feel refreshed. What a perfect combination of ice and fire baby!

7. Dream on Rainbow


This rainbow color makes a wondrous match with the waterfall braid style. You’ll look just like a carefree pixie wandering around this world.

8. Garden Goddess


Actually, you don’t need to take the braids soooo seriously. Simply weave a bit and rumple the strands up, then you will get this casual and natural look. Surrounded by fresh flowers, you’re the garden GODDESS today.

9. Peach & Berry Pie


The color of this waterfall braid makes your hair so sweet and edible.

10. Tasty Chocolate


You look as tasty as a dark chocolate in the summer breeze.

11. Dreamy Wedding


You simply must wear this most romantic waterfall braid on your biggest day.

12. Oh Little Daisy


“Daisy, Daisy, how lovely to be an innocent child.
Safe from harm and hurt, your roots do hold you wild. ”

13. Curly Wave


Who doesn’t want dive into this cascading curly wave?

14. Sunshine Girl


You never know, you could be the most shining girl in his eyes.

15. Matcha Lover


We Just couldn’t resist a waterfall braid in this matcha green color for this summer.

16. Floral Baby


A party, a prom or a wedding? This hairdo’s gonna match them all.

17. Gorgeous Ribbon


Try different ribbons so you might be able to weave a rainbow in your hair.

18. You In White


You look so beautiful in white, especially with this waterfall braid. ^_^

19. Forget Me Not


Please, know me, love me, and never forget me.

20. Smiling Face


When I see your smiling face, I know happiness.

21. Babysbreath


Amazing color and style.

22. Secret Garden


You leave your back to me, I guess you have some secrets to tell me.

23. Dirty Blonde


The snowstorm is coming, can you see?

24. Love Is A Breeze


“Be the shore to my crashing wave. Be the salt air that I crave. Be the breeze that won’t behave. Be the peace my soul to save.” by Kirk Diedrich

25. Beach Time


Go hit the beach or the pool!

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