20 Curly Hair For Women

When it comes to curly hair, adjectives like luscious, sexy and gorgeous might spring to mind. However, having curly hair is harder than it looks. Only when you know more about your hair type and are able to apply these useful curly hair tips, will you keep your waves and curls healthy and manageable.

Genius Curly Hair Tips:

Women born with curly hair or wear curly hairstyles should know ways to keep curls shiny and manageable. We’ve summed up five useful tips about curly hair care for you. Firstly, always comb your hair from the bottom up. Secondly, trim the ends regularly to avoid splits. Thirdly, put smoothing serum and mousse together and apply for the hair to keep it from dryness and crunch. Fourthly, use a wide-tooth comb, never a brush, to detangle. Fifthly, apply a conditioning treatment to your ends. In a word, remember to give your hair enough protection to keep it healthy. Finally, let’s scroll through these 20 best hairstyles for curly hair.

1: Brown Curly Hair With Shadow Roots

This brown curly hair freshens you up immediately. You don’t even have to dye it frequently with dark roots.

2: Golden Long Curly Hair

Golden hues perfectly pair with long curly hair, making it look gorgeous and shiny, especially when caught by sunlight. It is one of the best hairstyles for women with 3a curly hair.

3: Dark Curly Hair With Bangs

Owning waist-length long curly hair brings you femininity as well as elegance. Short curly bangs framing your face add a real sense of sweetness.

4: Loosely Blonde Curly Hair With Mid Part

This hairstyle could be an ideal option for someone with 3A hair. Putting your hair symmetrically along the side of your head will help slim your face and the loose blonde curls flatter and bring an air of youth.

5: Curly Hair With Ringlet

No man can refuse such a beauty. She looks sexy and luscious with her long ringleted hair brightened with blonde highlights. It is one of the best hairstyles for women with 3b curly hair.

6: Platinum Ringlet

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to keep hairstyles for curly hair looking on point. Then why not try a trendy color like platinum on your curly hair to help you get rid of any dullness and keep the style fresh? It is one of the best hairstyles for women to show their femininity.

7: Shoulder-Length Coiled Golden Ringlets

Keeping curly hair shorter doesn’t mean it loses its charm, instead, it might make it easier for you to manage your mane, as Model Jasmine Sanders shows. Besides, shoulder-length curly hair looks gorgeous too.

8: Voluminous Shoulder Length Hair With Short Curly Bangs

If you have 3B hair, this haircut with voluminous curls and coarse dense texture is right for you. Leave strands of eye-length bangs to add some fun elements to the overall look. Also, we have to admit. It is the best hairstyle for curly girls.

9: Red Curly Hair

This hairstyle is an excellent choice for those with a 3C hair type. The red color looks enthusiastic and works fine with the ringlets. Remember to use oil to keep the hair moist and brilliant.

10: Tight Curls With Knot On The Back

Curly hair can be versatile, for example, Rihanna pins up her hair at the back and flips it forward. It’s stylish and manageable, making it the best hairstyle to manage.

11: Big Curls And Swooping Bangs

With a full bob and swooping curly bangs, Kiernan Shipka is infused with lots of feminine charm. If you have 3A hair, pick this one!

12: Curly Hair With Blonde highlights

Playing around with hair color will bring you lots of versatile options. Just center part your naturally curly mane and give it a balayage color with blonde highlights. It is the best hairstyle to light you up.

13: Curly Bob

The angled bob haircut is all the rage, as it looks stunning on women of all ages. Go for a lighter hue as this helps knock years off you.

14: Braided Top

This extended curly hair features a braided knot on the top, making it a stylish and unique choice for women with curly hair.

15: Wild Curly Hairstyle

Kerry Washington hits the red carpet with these voluminous curls. This frizzy hair is tamed neatly and can keep in tune with Kerry’s beauty, making it the best hairstyle for girls with 3c hair to imitate.

16: Retro Curls Hair With Highlights

Retro is trendy, even on the head. The perms look fancier, and are boosted by the addition of light brown highlights.

17: Curly Punk

Rock with this kinky punk! Ask the stylist to give you slicked sides to show your rebellious take on typical curly hair. These full and curly textures highlight the overall look, making it very impressive.

18: Modern Bob Curly Hairstyle

Sweet, luscious and elegant, this full curly bob looks modern, refreshing and dynamic. Besides, it’s easy to imitate if you were born with curly hair. Just pull the top strand to the back and braid them in a knot, leaving the rest of the hair to fall naturally along both sides. You’ve got it!

19: Creative Curly Hair

Young girls with curly hair can’t miss this funny hairstyle! Instead of a middle parting or side parting, this haircut uses side cornrows to part the hair, giving it a “flower shape,” which is creative and evidently on point. It is the best hairstyle among youngsters.

20: Natural Curly Hair

To be honest, curly hair is prone to dryness and breakage. But this curly hairstyle looks moist and brilliant, which proves that as long as you’re providing your curly hair with enough care, it can always keep its dynamism.

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