20 Best Short Hairstyles In 2018

While fine hair has the merits of being sleek and soft, it usually comes with the issue of a lack of body and a tendency to get greasy easily. All you need to do though is to follow a few simple rules and your fine hair will rock.

Styling Ideas For Fine Hair

To change your current lackluster fine hair styling, your first step is to choose an appropriate haircut. Short haircuts tend to be the ideal choice because they remove the weight that pulls your hair down. You can opt for pixie cut, blunt cut, bob, lob or boy cut, depending on your preferences. In most of the cases, a layered cut is the secret to achieving a feather-light effect.

Carefully chosen styling products are another way make your haircut look even better. Root boosting mousse and a light holding spray will help build up volume and keep your hair airy and light.

Explore the following styling ideas and be ready to kiss bad thin hair days goodbye!

1: Caramel Undercut Pixie With Side Bangs

An undercut is a smart choice for you to build up the fullness in your hair. You will find your crown denser with this style and the relatively long side bangs work well to soften your face. Light caramel also makes you appear warm and sassy.

2: Layered Balayage Bob

A traditional A-line bob does little for fine hair, that’s why you need this balayage bob instead. With deep roots and blonde highlights, this style creates a dimension and fullness that will exceed your expectation!

3: Metallic Loosely Wavy Bob

Airy, stylish and glossy, this wavy bob nails the concept of perfection. The delicately arranged layers and strands offer volume in a very natural way, and the metallic color takes the overall look to new heights.

4: Light Blonde Curly Short Pixie

Both the color of light blonde and the small curls go perfectly with fine hair. If your hair is light of color and has a good texture, this smart boyish look would be great for you!

5: Shaggy Blonde Layers

Among the numerous tricks that help build up volume, well-structured layers truly do have magical power when it comes to removing weight from the ends. Pair with velvet ruby lips and be ready to rock an eye-catching style!

6: Undercut Pixie With Fringes

This is one of the cutest and chicest pixies for thin hair. Short strands on the crown look pretty naughty and lift to the whole look. Tuck away several strands behind the ear and it’ll make you even funkier!

7: Platinum Blunt Hair

For women with beautiful tanned skin, this platinum short hair is nothing short of perfect. This simple style is easy to maintain, and the only tip is to remember to blow dry your hair to achieve this loose carefree effect.

8: Rounded Bob With Wispy Layers

If you want a low maintenance yet funky look, you must take a look at this layered bob. The rounded shape gives a fullness and the wispy layers make the hair even more airy feeling.

9: Loose Balayage Lob For Thin Hair

Fine haired women can just as easily pull off a lob style. Whilst straight or tamed lobs are not ideal as their weight pulls down your hair, this tousled balayage lob draws people’s attention to its sensational color and effortless waves. Definitely worth trying!

10: Tousled Blunt Bob

A blunt bob is a nice style to try for its wonderfully flattering finish. This haircut will give a thicker effect to the ends, while the relatively short hair length avoids heaviness. Side-parted or center-parted bangs are both equally good choices to go with this style.

11: Highlighted Bob With Long Side Bangs

A highlighted bob can be too gorgeous to be true! It looks like the honey blonde strands are flowing with the soft waves, giving off an irresistible charm. The chin-touching length makes it a really versatile style to choose.

12: Silver Pixie Cut With Side Part

To create a sleek silhouette, you may want to try this enticing pixie, as it brings out the softness of your fine hair while exhibiting no lack of volume. The silver color adds a light finishing touch to it. Keep in mind to use a pomade to maintain it.

13: Swept Back Pixie

A swept back pixie perfectly marries both the edgy and the sophisticated. Use root boosting mousse and holding spray to maintain the look.

14: Granny Pixie With Twists

There are a number of variables in a pixie cut, and this style is one that can make you stand out. Waves at the front and the crown create an illusion of thickness. The silvery granny hair adds yet more uniqueness to your charm.

15: Stacked Wispy Blond Bob

Play up texture and layers with this fashion-forward wispy bob! This short hairstyle gives the illusion of thickness through stacked ends and tousled strands. Next time you’re at the hair salon, remember to describe this look to your stylist.

16: Short Haircut With Side Part

Prefer something edgier instead of the same old dull cut? Try giving this cool-girl style a shot. The short hair at one side shows off your face and earring, while the long bang at the other side amps up the thickness.

17: Razored Pixie With Blonde Highlights

For fine haired women, razored hair is a good way to create a stylish look. Messy strands on top and a straight cut at the front bring back life and body to limp locks. If you are not sure about which style to choose, you’ll never regret this one-size-fits-all pixie.

18: Short Bob With Braided Bangs

A short messy bob is super cool for summer! If you don’t like the long strands that glue down your forehead, just make a tiny braid and tuck it behind your ear. It also happens to be this season’s hottest trend.

19: Two-Toned Wavy Bob Shag

We must admit good hair coloring helps a lot to pull off a full look. Dark roots give a feel of thickness while wavy honey blonde creates a feather-light effect. Small braids at one side work to show neatness.

20: Permed Bob With Highlights

Permed hair is again becoming a sought-after hairstyle after its popularity in the 70s and 80s. In fact, it works very well in boosting volume and dimension. Today, you can choose the tightness of curls freely at the hair salon.

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